Diagnosed 3 months ago

Hello everyone! I am so glad I found this group. My name is Bridget and I am 35 years old. After years of chronic symptoms and visits to many different doctors, I finally found a rheumatologist in Raleigh, NC who did a thorough history and exam and concluded that I was most definitely suffering from Fibromyalgia (which does run in my family). Despite the fact that this is a chronic and debilitating illness, it was nice to finally have an answer and not feel as though this was "all in my head".

The worst pain for me is localized to both knees. I've had that since I was a teenager and it has only gotten worse with age. I have moderate to severe pain (depending on the day) and stiffness. It makes it hard to go up and down stairs, go from sitting to standing, etc. Of course, there are some rare days when both the pain and the stiffness are mild. I also have chronic fatigue, endometriosis, painful periods, restless legs, depression, and anxiety. I take a number of Rx medications to combat all of these symptoms individually, and when needed, some extra strength Tylenol. While the medicines help to take the edge of some of the symptoms, they are never completely gone. I have good days and bad days, like a lot of other people with Fibromyalgia do.

A little bit about me:

I am a Certified Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist, but have not been able to work for the past 6 months due to my health. I am starting a new (part-time) job working from home as a Patient Advocate for Abbvie, the pharmaceutical company that makes Humira. I have 3 dogs that I love dearly. My hobby is photography and I've had professional training. My photos are available to view in an online gallery

I joined this group looking for information, support, and maybe even to make some new friends :-)

~ Bridget

Hello Bridget,

It was good to read your story, despite everything you have gone through, you seem to have remained positive. Your story is familiar tho', the long road to diagnosis, finding the right Doc, then the right meds... of course it doesn't end there. Accepting the diagnosis is a major thing, like you I found it a great relief, now onwards and upwards! ( I wish). have you tried other things to help with your relationship to pain? There is good information on here about mindfulness relaxation, pacing, salt baths; I do gentle exercise and some Tai Chi. Wish you well

Take care, Anne

Hi Bridget!

Thank you for sharing your story and welcome! We are glad to have you. I took a few minutes to look at your gallery and your pictures are beautiful! I love the shots of your dogs. You can always tell a great picture of animals when their personality shines through.

I wish you the best of luck with your new job! Gentle hugs!

Hi welcome

My name is Tina we have a lot in common. I worked as a Phlebotomist twelve years. I went to school to be a medical assistant. I didn't get certified. I ended up working as a CNA.

I am glad you found the group hope you get the support you need. Take care gentle hugs to you