So after just three years of fibromyalgia, I had a bad flare up last November that has never gone away. I took short term disability (I am a teacher), and then went back and could do even less. School is about to start and the doctor and I have decided to go back on disability. My husband wants to go out for good because when I work all I do is sleep when I am at home. I don't have the ability to interact with my husband or my three children (which just tears me up inside). So here I go. I have been told my multiple doctors and lawyers that I will not receive Social Security Disability because (1) you can prove fibro and (2) I am only 36. My husband says we will deal with that when it comes, but I have had anxiety all my life and can't think about not worrying. I am sure some of you have stories to share. Also, do you have advice when dealing with your jobs insurance company? I would appreciate any info you can give. Thanks! Soft hugs!

I have not filed for SSDI yet but am thinking I may just have to... I am currently out on Short term disability through my Job. I talked to my Dr. about long term and SSDI... she told me that SSDI would want to see another Co-exsisting condition that may be on their list of approved conditions... Now she is referring me to see someone about PTSD...I have no problem seeing a head doctor... I not only believe I have PTSD but Social Anxiety and anxiety, I am probably ADHD...My son was in process of being diagnosed with ADHD and the Dr. looked at me ( I was just talking up a storm) and she says that I too may be ADHD...LOL... I believe that! Anyways You can also be approved if you have other non approved conditions and they are as disabling as one of the approved ones. You really should read up on it online..

My Husband is trying to tell me I would not get it solely because of my age...45... I have several things going on it would be hard to narrow it down to just 2... I am not certain if you can file on more.

You need to see someone about the anxiety... but I believe that anyone trying to receive disability should actually not be able to work.. and social security will do all they can to prove you can... so if you are going to go that route... make sure you have everything in order...medical records ect...

HUGGS, Belinda

I filed for said in JanuaRy 2011 or 2012.I was denied.I filed for a second time.I appealed.I was denied again.I hired a disability attorney the summer of 2012.my disability hearing was june 19 2013.I won.keep records of everything to give to youth attorney.do everything they tell you to do.I wasn't asked to see a as Dr or psychologist or psychiatrist.I did see a psychologist because my ATTORNEY suggested it thought it could help my case it did.if you have any questions ask.

Thanks for replying Belinda. I have had an anxiety and depression for a long time, plus IBS. I have just heard such negative things about applying for SS disability that it makes me more anxious.

I have heard keep records of everything. What exactly does that mean?

I’ve been wondering what to do myself. My fibro continually gets worse and worse but I’m divorced and only 29. I have no one to help me financially to be able to try to get disability so I’m scared to even attempt it, but it’s getting harder and harder to work and now I’m making mistakes that make me feel like I’m losing my mind. It’s also nearly impossible for me to get a full 40 hours every week. I don’t know what to do. It’s wonderful that you have your husband at least. I’m sure it’s difficult to be a mother and wife right now, but be glad you’re not alone.

Hi LO and Karli,

I’m on STD right now. Have you gone out on Disability yet?

I know this is an old thread.

Please let me know.



One thing you want to make sure to do is keep a journal ...long your pain and how it effects your daily life. What your limits are...and make sure your Dr. Puts this in your file...not just one time but every time you see them have them make copies and put it in your records.