Fibro & Disability

I have been fighting this disease since 1997 while holding down a full-time job as an office manager. Now I have went my limit. I'm no longer able to try to get up every day and drag myself to work. Even when I make it on time I'm hurting so bad by lunch that I just drag on. I have been noticing all these advertisements on tv for disability for fibro. Does anyone in the United States, especially Alabama, have any experience with this? I have no idea how to even start. Is it even possible to receive disability for Fibromyalgia? I also have herniated disc in my neck, GERD, degenerative disc in my lower back, anxiety, migraines, and IBS.

Hi LizR,

Applying for disability is a good idea. Find the closest social security office in town or your county and walk in. They will guide you through the process. They give you an application and you answer all the questions. I suggest when you do answer them keep in mind your worst days and describe how it handicaps you. I stayed in the working field for a number of years before I just was missing too many days because of the symptoms. My boss was very supportive and was willing to be a witness. I used my medical records ( you can ask your doctor for these) to catalog my symptoms. You want to provide phone numbers to the doctors you have seen. It just makes yourself more credible and if you do the leg work then you have saved them a lot of time. It makes it harder for them to refute your claim. If you can possibly indicate in specific descriptions how you are not able to do your job that would help. Some people are reluctant to apply because they still want to work but what is good about applying and being accepted there is a ticket to work which means you are allowed to work up to a certain number of hours. You are not allowed to make over a certain amount. It take a while before you are accepted. I was applying because of my Bipolar diagnosis as well. It took 4 months. But I have heard about it taking 6 months or more. Good Luck!

You have been given some good advice here, do hope that you are feeling a bit better today!


LizR, I used this guide to help get through the disability nightmare. I really hope that this will help you:
I have herniated disks, GERD, anxiety, migraines and IBS and I can imagine how you must be feeling. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Thank you very much for the website. I'll read it and get all the info I can. Appreciate it!

Thank you. I hope I have good luck. It's taken years for me to get this far but I'm ready to give it up now. Just can't keep dragging myself along to work when I don't even feel like sitting up some days. :-)

Yes, great advice. I really appreciate it!!!

I just go on ssi. I asked to see there doctor, It helped having there doc. say I was unable to work. It took 6months for me but my friend has been trying for a yr, so it is hit and miss. Dont give up, Just keep moving and doing what you need to do with them.