Dont get out anymore only to the doctors or appoitments , soo tired or hurt everyday ,!

i do a little bit in the house at the moment thats all i can do , its soo frustrating !!!!!!!

me too.but im wondering y my flares don’t ever go away! how long is a flare supposed to last? I know itvaries…

I have been feeling the same way too. And I am so damn tired. Even when I have eight hours of sleep, I am exhausted all the time.

Hi Angie B and welcome to our site! It's a great place to go to without getting out of the house. So many of us are in your boat and know your frustration.

With fibro, you do the best you can. A little bit for us is equal to a marathon for others. It's not fun but we learn to prioritize and function with our restrictions.

Research has shown that people with fibro and CFS get symptoms of pain for several days after moderate activity that others do not. The research showed specific genetic changes to our bodies when we did the moderate exercise that also did not exist in non-fibro or non-CFS people. So our pain really goes down to our genetic level, if that makes you feel any better. Deeper than even blood.

If you come here and talk to others you'll find sympathy and support and hopefully tips for managing your illness. Please take care and thanks for coming!


Everyone is different, it seems. Usually there are certain triggers that will get a flare going such as stress, extreme heat, noise, odors, weather etc. I've gotten alot of relief just by eating a healthy diet, anti-inflamatory diet.

You can try keeping a log of when you flare and trying to remember what was happening just before it started. You will start to see a pattern usually. Then you can try to use that information to control or prevent the flare ups.

I hope you feel better soon,


I feel the same I have a 1yr old and a 5yr old. My 5yr old is in school so during the week I try to go to my friends and they help me out alot. Every day is a battle.

Me too, but I'm older, has to really be frustrating for you young ones! Not much of a social life, not much of a life at all, grocery store and Doctor's office, Pharmacy. Like the ancients, walk slow, drive slow, go no where, I HATE IT!!!!

That’s me in a nutshell, and I don’t care what I look like anymore. I get out one day and pay for it a week. Thank goodness for good people around me now.

Hugs hon.

My hand just fell on the IPad and I lost everything. It happens. I am housebound and only go out every six months for diabetic meds to the GP. I am much older than you, and I guess I just live with it. there is nothing easy about this condition but my heart goes out to you,and just know that there are people here in this group who care. barb

Does anyone's doctor prescribe anything for the exhaustion, other than sleep? My doctor mentioned something but I didn't take it but I am thinking of asking him about it next time I see him. So fed-up of being tired. I am going to bed earlier and earlier, but I work f/t and can't nap in the day.

I had chronic fatigue for five years. I was so sick. I was eventually admitted to hospital with renal failure. then I found an alternative GP who prescribed, organic fruit and veg and nothing else, remove all possible toxins from house and magnesium and Lugols iodine. Still get tired but not that dreadful chromic fatigue, Barb

I guess we all feel the same. Tired, no energy. Want to do things and dreaming about being normal again. i grab life when I can, which is not very often lately. It's disgusting. What happened to growing old gracefully?? This is NOT graceful at all. Feels like a truck ran over me. But you gotta do little thing to cheer yourself up. I bought two plants yesterday (flowers) and put them on my porch. It's pleasent to look out and see them grow. :')

I had a sleep study done and was found to be borderline sleep apnea and was prescribed a CPAP machine. It hasn’t taken away all the fatigue by any means, but I DEFINITELY feel more rested and I know I am getting better quality sleep. The sleep specialist told me that a lot of her patients with Fibro report feeling better once they start using the CPAP. I think it makes a difference for sure. Recently I had to take a few nights off due to a skin irritation and I definitely notice a difference in how I feel when I don’t use it. Talk to your GP about a referral for a sleep study. The study was kind of a hassle but well worth it!

Gentle hugs & sweet dreams,

Barb, sorry you only get out so infrequently. I get out about once every week or two and it is related to drs appts. My boyfriend drives me now. Sorry you had diabetes. I was diagnosed, but fought it with diet.

Stay strong. Gentle hugs.

What did he prescribe?

Dear Angie

I know the feeling. I too don't get out of the house very often..........and I am a people person. But there are so many days that I just don't feel well enough to go out and mingle with people. When I do go I enjoy it when I'm out but oh the payback pain!! That is what people who do NOT have a chronic illness just don't understand.

But you know that you can come to this online support group and chat with people with your fingers!

Love and gentle hugs


I hope our fingers hold up, he was looking at mine and shaking his head today! What then??????

That's really common with severe fibro. I've been mostly bedridden/housebound for 12 years now. I can only go to Dr. appts or take my mom to hers or go to the hospital. Sorry you are just new to it and adjusting to it, I'm adjusted to it now but gosh I do get "cabin fever" and wish I could LIVE LIFE fully again.

Best wishes, Sheila

yes I fought diabetes with diet and exercise to the extent that I didn’t need any diabetic meds and then I got stressed about a family issue and I’m back on very high dose of oral diabetic meds. It all problematic, but I appreciate your kind thoughts. barb

This is happening to you because of all the toxins in our air, water, genetically modified foods, clothes, cleaners, etc etc. and even EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) play a big part of it all. It is not a curse or punishment from God, so don't take it personally. It's like an epidemic, and all sorts of people get Fibro. Religious, atheist, every age, every race, every financial situation. Studies have shown that long periods of stress and traumas such as car accidents or emotional traumas can bring out fibro in those who are predisposted to getting it. It's in my family for many generations, so I was predisposed to getting it. It's just the way our bodies react to our environment. Instead of asking "why me", we should be surprised if we don't get sick with all the toxins we have in our lives.