Elbow pain

Does anyone else have elbow pain and muscle discomfort around the elbow area? This pain is consistent and gets worse with activity. It is in both of my arms. I find that my hands/fingers also ache by the end of the day.

My elbows and the area aroung my elbows do hurt sometimes. Not usually with a lot of activity, they just start hurting and usually last for a day or two than it's back to mormal.

My elbows burn or have daggers in them. The upper arm and below the elbow hurt too. My fingers feel jammed and my hands cramp.they are always in some kind of pain…sometimes just really annoying…up to the arms propped up on pillows crying kind. I have wondered if breaking my fingers would hurt less ((not going to hurt myself…fyi))

Yup. My left elbow bothers me quite a bit. The right one does too a bit. It started one day when I picked up a small tree at a nursery and brought it home. I got terrible pain in the left elbow and it's never left. It bothers me on and off all day.

My fingers also ache like they have arthritis. The base of the thumb sometimes throbs horribly and last winter I couldn't even write with a pen because my right thumb hurt so bad. And when I sleep, the fingers feel like they're made of lead.

Is this anything like what you suffer? At any rate, I'm glad you brought this up because I kind of thought I was the only one to suffer with the elbow pain. I also have left knee pain too.


My elbows hurt if they're bent too long, and I thought maybe it was from sitting and using my computer too much.

But after reading your comment, I'm thinking it's not and it's the fibro instead. And when I briefly worked in a daycare, they bothered me whenever I picked up a child. Your words have helped me to accept that it's the fibro. I know, we like to make excuse after excuse, don't we? Because we don't want to believe the fibro can do this.

Heating pads wrapped around your hands or elbows is a great idea.

I'm really sorry that each of you suffers with this because it sure does hurt.

YES and I found something that works. . I brought from a cvs a 4 way convertible microwaveable splint/wrap or what have you. I heat it up and wear a compression stocking under it and my elbows are starting to feel better. the heat relaxes my muscles and so does some gentle massages. . . .hope this helps ifyou try it.

OMG, I do that too, Caren! I convinced myself that it was just a bad spot in my back because aside from that I felt good this summer. Then fall hit...and everything hurts again. Fibro!

I am glad you've shared this with me. It's just sooooo easy to talk myself out of believing what's in front of my face. So it's nice to get a slice of truth again.

Leslie, I have constant pain in my left elbow, above, below, infront ( anticubital ) it hurts more when I wake up, ( seems like more pain with inactivity ) sometimes I have to use my right hand to straighten out my arm , feels like it was bashed with a hammer during the night. The muscles in that arm are also more sensitive than other muscles, if I press on them , yikes, they feel like they have gone through a meet grinder. Cant even lift a gallon of milk with that arm, It’s gotta be a fibro thing.
Blessings & hugs

YES. I get pain in that pesky nerve that runs down the outside of my elbow, through my forearms, into my hands. It feels like my bones are on fire. It's the first thing (along with my knees) to hurt when I'm flaring, and the last thing to feel mostly better after the flare has passed.

Yes! Yes indeed!!! I have elbow pain as well. I also have arm pain too, both arms (mainly the top part). I wake up with hand pain and go to sleep with hand pain everyday. If their is a function and it involves clapping, man do I pay for it the next morning. :/ For the elbow and joint pain it seems on top of my pain meds, that omega 3 is helping. Sending you a gentle hug.

A microwavable splint? Really? What section did you find it in, Mo? Was it with the Ace and Mueller elbow wraps? I really want to get what you have. Sounds heavenly! Now if I could get one for the neck, back, hip and knees, life would be grand!

Hi Leslie! Glad you posted this as I know quite a few suffer this. As far as me, it's about the only joint in my body that really never hurts!

Might want to get those x-rayed if you haven't recently. Never know what may show up on one!

So nice to hear from you, hope you get some lasting relief!


thanks. unfortunately, my elbow pain does not go away...the degree of pain varies but I always have pain. Quite frustrating!

Hope you have a good day today.

this sounds like me. varying degree of pain but I always have pain in elbows/arms/hands. what do you do for relief? I also rest both elbows on pillows and take frequent breaks during any type of activity.

hope you are having a better day today!

thanks. I have tried ice which I just think numbs the area so I don't feel anything but I am not sure the ice is helping. I have not tried heat....I will try that today to see if I get relief. I also have difficulty doing basic things and it is amazing what you take for granted when your body is functioning without pain. I also find that weakness sometime goes along with the pain as I find I am dropping things more often. I am fairly new at this fibromyalgia thing...only been disagnosed since Jan 2012 so I am still trying to figure this all out. I am trying to determine if this is all fibro or something else going on.



Yes, similar although I have consistent pain in both elbows just of varying degree. I have been to a few doctors and they all say it is fibro. At times it is difficult to do anything. I do push myself (I have two teenagers) but the pain can get really bad and I find that after doing simple tasks, I need to rest my arms.

I am still trying to figure this fibro out since i have been only diagnosed since Jan. I was just wondering if I was the only one to have the elbow issue. I see now that I am not the only one. I also thought maybe arthritis but my bloodwork did not indicate that.

Thank you for the info. I thought about compression stockings and actually tried to create my own compression stocking last night as I was having lots of pain but I do need to get something that is more supportive. the microwavable wrap is a great idea. I do massage my arms as well. thanks, I appreciate the suggestions.

I do also get a body massage once a month from someone who has knowledge of fibro and is wonderful at adjusting the massage based on my symptoms.


this sounds very much like what I experience although in both of my elbows and the pain increase with activity...which is hard when you rely on your hands for most everything, I am also sensitive to touch in the elbow area and it often wakes me up at night as I toss and turn to get comfortable. I often can't lift things like a gallon of milk and my daughter often comes with me now to help with the food shopping. It is diffcult to drive and take care of basic necessities. I guess I was wondering if this is a fibro thing or something else going on. I tried to do research but have not really gotten any answers at this point other than fibro.


Sorry about your pain...my pain is consistent. worse with a flare but never gets better. my pain gets worse with activity and often sensitive to the touch. maybe with time, the pain will lessen. my elbows are the worst part of the fibro for me. the elbows/arms/hands are just achy or in pain all of the time with little relief. i think i will try some of the suggetions posted here and hopefully something will help :)

Thanks....sounds very much like me....I don't clap anymore.....just hurts too much. I am on meds and I do take omega 3. How soon after you started the omega 3 did you notice some relief? how much are you taking? I have only been taking them for about 3 wks. as per recommendation from my chiropractor. not sure I notice any changes yet.