Just lately the pain in my arms has gotten really bad, wondering if playing games and stuff on computer is making it worse?

I definitely think so. I've noticed the same with myself regarding my arm and computer use. My left elbow, the one I fold the most during computer usage, definitely hurts terribly anymore.

I just had a physical therapy session where the therapist used an ultrasound machine on the sore elbow. It sends sound waves into your soft tissue, and you feel a small amount of heat. Afterwards my elbow/tendon area did feel better. She only did one side of the arm, which was good because I could definitely tell that the treated side felt better. It might be something for you to look into, although I can't promise that it will help you. In fact, my therapist was very negative about using it, saying it's been shown to not be effective in treating soft tissue...but I asked for it anyway, figuring "nothing ventured, nothing gained." And besides, she was a total Negative Nelly anyway. And it definitely did help.

My rheumatologist said what I have is "Tennis elbow." He's also called it "golfer's elbow." I think they affect different areas of the elbow but both sides of my elbow hurt so I think that either would fit. He recommended I get a band that you wear on your forearm, right before your elbow joint. It comes from a drugstore and I guess it takes the strain off of your tendon. I haven't purchased one yet so can't tell you how it works.

Good luck with your arm. I hope you find a way to reduce the pain.

i got hooked on angry birds on my phone/tablet and ever since my wrist and elbows hurt. i have had to cut back. i never thought i would play that game but it is really fun and addicting. i hope that limiting your game time will help. i also use a sleep brace on my right hand due to carpel tunnel. it really helps the pain. their r several braces the one i have is designed for sleeping it is the most comfortable and the most expansive. it was $30 at walgreens but well worth the money. i want one for the other wrist now but i will wait for a sale.

Hi buddy, I guess you have to consider your total computer time. Try limiting your time, see if it helps! Hope you feel better very soon!

Yes I think it definitely affects your arms or elbows. I also find when I play games on my phone or laptop my arms and wrist hurt more. Like someone else said try limiting your time playing.

yea I am cutting back, hard to do though lol

Yes it is! I think I'd rather suffer through the pain in order to have some fun time on the computer. But it's a bummer, isn't it Buddy? But on the other hand, if you DO have carpal tunnel or tennis or golfer's elbow, there are things that can be done to ease the pain, like I mentioned above. Believe it or not, it may not be fibro and may be helped.

Hi thanks for info very helpful!

Hi Buddy, hope your getting some relief from that arm pain, def try cutting back on the computer, or at least take some time to stretch and move around, in between games that is. I know if I sit more than a half in hr, I start to get achy or I should say I get achyer is that a word ???
Hope your doing better


Buddy, well I hope it's hepful. Unfortunately we all react differently to things. But I was suprised by how much the ultra sound helped. STILL feels better, almost a week later. And get this, the physical therapist was so negative about fibro people finding help with PT and she stated that ultrasound treatment had pretty much been debunked. I don't know why she was such a Debbie Downer. I just wanted to try the treatment and see if it helped. Since in my case the elbow pain is not fibro, yes, it did help.

i sincerely hope you can find similar help for your arm pain, Buddy. I really do. Maybe if yours is something more than just fibro, it too will be treatable.

If I sleep on my arm, it hurts really bad in morning, so still confused if its computer, but still leaning that way. The whole Fibro thing is confusing haha Does your fibro fog get worse with age, or how long you have had it, my eyes are always tired, and I have to really concentrate to remember things, seems to be getting worse. Just wondering if you all go through this Buddy

Buddy, until today I thought your pain could be the gaming, however this evening my arms are really sore, if I rub the muscle in my left arm it feels bruised, my forearms hurt more as well, i don’t think I did anything different, but they really feel like I spent hrs at a gym lifting weights, I never had this much pain in my arms, how can the experts say fibro is not progressive !!!
My eyes are always tired as well, and I have noticed that my memory is worse, is that fibro fog ? Not sure, your so right it is confusing … Lol,
I don’t think it gets worse with age, I just think it gets worse.
Hugs & blessings

Hi Buddy...I have severe problems with pain in my elbows, left side being the worst and share your diagnosis of golfer and tennis elbow. Not sure if fibro causes it or if fibro just attacks the weakened areas of our body. But I do use a arm band, one that has little piece on it that an be inflated, like a cushion. I wear it when I'm going to do something that would aggravate the arm, which is generally everything but typing, lifting or just repetitive movements. I like it and it helps prevent flare ups.

Also, I avoid flexing my arm, as you would if you held your phone to your ear. I also position that bad arm in bed with pillows so I don't unconsciosly pull it up in a flexed postion. These are thing that doctors have suggested for me over the years and they really help avoid that screaming nerve type pain. Ice packs to the elbow help me too. Limit the keyboard use and you may see a big difference.

Take care,


Hi Dee wow that is strange, sometimes in morning I can't even lift my coffee cup. Now mine gets little better during day, but still hurt. It is worse in my right arm, hard to bend. And the eye thing and fog. So good to talk to you all, I'm not crazy after all. I'm thinking about seeing eye doctor, to see if my eyes are worse and if I'm straing them or something. you never know. This is really no fun at all. Untill lately I have been able to keep pretty norma;l life, but now ? Thanks

Keep me in the loop on how your doing?

I have complained of terrible wrist pain for a long time. Finally the Rheumatologist gave me a slip for an x-ray and the pain just STOPPED. So now I have been wondering why. I have Psoriatic arthritis and Raynaud's, so I have always thought this was it, BUT I have come to realize that I literally wring my wrists in pain! I also use them to 'hold' areas of my body that hurt, so I am beginning to believe it is self inflicted. I have also worn out my upper dentures, the grinders are totally gone, and this is from clenching my teeth in pain! ha!

So we do all kinds of damage to ourselves trying to deal with the pain. I am not implying that this could be the cause of your problems, as it may not be the case, but just wanted to share my story with you.

Pain sucks, no matter where it comes from! Hope you are feeling much better!

Big hugs,


Angel where do you get that voltaren gel ? Is it a script ? Does it help ?
Sorry so many questions, just my arms really hurt, I had to carry groceries in, could just that make it worse? Who knows , Im like you, I hurt more than a year ago, and in more places :frowning: