PT update

I have been in PT for my arm for two weeks now and I see major improvement. The ultrasound things works wonders, the heated 4 way use splint/wrap that I brought helps to loosen my muscles. I do the exercises and they help with movement. I still have to wear the splint and I thought I could go without it right, so I was clapping when watching football. . .I clapped too hard and my right hand flung back and the pain was brutal so NO I cannot go without the brace for long. I also brought a Futuro For Womens arm splint which I wear at home and to sleep. It is the softest hand brace I have ever used. It's compresses just right, adds a good amount of wrist restriction, it's sleek and perfect, I love it!

So. . .PT is looking good right now. I do the exercises they show me for my right hand on my left as well (even though I am only being seen for my right when it should be for both)

lets hope it stay this way.

also the anti-depressants are starting to work. I am feeling so much better emotionally. Better than I have this year since my moms death.

Wow, what great news all the way around! Both physically and emotionally. Congratulations to you, Mo. And you're a fighter, so I'm not surprised that you've found some good tactics to help you.

Gonna go and look up that Futuro arm splint. :-)

Mo, this is wonderful, first time I have ever heard you say you feel better. I am so glad! It makes most of the people on here worse, so you are one of the lucky ones, hope you just continue to improve!

My Best,


sorry just seeing the reply to this. . .the hand splint is AWESOME. . .I love this thing. . here is the link to it if you haven't found it already. .

it is by far the most comfortable brace I have ever worn.

Thanx Sk. . .I do feel so much better. Pain wise and emtionally. . it's coming up on a yr since my mothers death so it's been rough and great to not have to deal with that and a lot of pain.

Hi Mo, So glad for you & nice to here something is helping, & it sounds like your football team is doing well also, I live in buffalo, but well… Those Bills are such a mess, good thing I’m a Falcons fan, they have won there first 6 games … Go Falcons !!
Hugs & blessings