Hello All, a catch-up on anti-depressants and PT

Hiya guys, I feel like I haven't been on here for a while. I am so busy with homework that I don't have time for anything else and when I do, I watch my fav TV shows (Fringe, Boss, Homeland, Criminal Minds, Dexter, How I Met Your Mother. . anyone?) : )

PT has been going good for my arm. .it still hurts and I still have to wear the splint but the ultrasound and the exercises are helping. .I fear though with my computer heavy training and note taking for school that I am going to be in this splint for quite a while. My left arm is now acting like my right arm so I am annoyed with this continuous decline in both my wrists as the PT is for my right hand only now. . .

The Anti-depressants have been helping a great deal. My mood is a lot better. I haven't had a freak out anxiety episode in almost 3 weeks which is good. I take them on time everyday. My aunt annoys me cause she says "Why do you need anti-depressants all they do is hide the real problem." I told her DUH I know very well what meds do but unless you want me losing my damn mind, I know that I needed something to help me with the mourning and grief and depression and since I had been off them for quite a while I knew that I needed them. UGH family can be so damn annoying right?

However I can't eat anything. . .I seriously eat less than one full meal a day. I usually eat a bowl of cereal and a yogurt, the whole day. I don't even drink a lot of water. IDK what's wrong with me. ..I can't imagine its the meds cause I've been taking them for years without ever having this feeling. And I am not even hungry, I eat something sometimes because I know I haven't eating all day or sometimes I forget. Definitely gonna see the doc about this because I feel like I'm wasting away.

Well if you are not drinking water then your body is going to get sluggish specially with taking a fair amount of meds. Drinking lots of water is essential and I think you know that. Do you really need a doctor to tell you something you already know? You need to eat at regular times whether you feel like it or not. Along with lots of water this is what keeps your system in balance. No wonder your machine(your body) is sluggish because all day you are busy but your body/machine is low so it cannot adequately support you.

But I think you already know these things.

Hi Mo,

I think your eating problem may be depression related and its worth mentioning to the doc / therapist. I am the other way. I am always hungry and have really bad binge eating problems, then try to fast it off. It is something that is gonig to be dealt with when I get to see the right therapist. Still we should try and treat ourselves better. We really need someone to be on our side. lol.

I know you have been struggling with the depression and anxiety lately and I'm sure its down to this. I'm glad the medication has helped your low mood though. That is more important at the mo, and I'm sure you will be able to eat better soon when you have dealt with the grief you are now learning to face up to.

Good luck with everything!


Hi Mo,

Good to hear from you. It's great to hear that the PT and ultrasound are helping your right arm. Heavy computer work does aggravate it, you're right about that, Mo. And it probably will require quite a bit of ultrasound and PT. I'm not surprised about left arm following the right arm. It seems this way with fibro, one joint/limb eventually follows the other in symptoms. Can you get PT and ultrasound for the other arm as well? If not, can you do similar exercises at home and try to get a tens machine, if it's the same thing as the ultrasound?

See, I disagree about anti-depressants stopping you from feeling your feelings. I think it's exactly the other way around: you stop being blocked with one huge emotion and start being able to feel all of your other emotions again. For you, part of that no doubt will be the grief and anger. But you can't get thru them unless you can feel them. Or you could be like me and take anti-depressants for a long time and then quit for years and suffer from horrible depression and the inability to move on with life until taking them again. (Uh, what exactly did I gain by my stubborn refusal to take them for years? Oh yeah, lost time and lost opportunities that will never come again. Waking up one day as a middle aged woman instead of a young woman, and seeing how little I've done thanks to refusing to take the meds that help me.)

As for your inability to eat...anorexia? Not willfully but anorexia, no less? Jo's probably right that the depression kick started the problem. And Rachel's no doubt right about drinking lots of water.

Or maybe you have some sort of metabolism problem going on that needs to be addressed? If you can afford it, sounds like you need a thorough physical to find out the source of the eating problem because eating a bowl of cereal and a yogurt a day isn't enough to sustain you and will cause havoc to your body.

PS: Anyone else in your family who has trouble eating? Any family illnesses that might include eating issues?

Hi Mo! Great to see you’re doing well. I was trying to make myself go to sleep but wanted to say hello first!!

I have been offline for weeks so I will have to go back and read your posts.

Wanted to tell you that software exists which does not require typing. You probably know that already but wanted to mention. Also, as far as your aunt being critical of your choices - you are a grown woman and she is being nosey! It is true that some Antidepressants don’t work for some, but work for others. She sounds like some of my family - lol!

Coincidentally, I have the same problem right now about food and water. :frowning: when I learned my urine specimens contained crystals (not drinking enough) and had to get an IV yesterday, all I can say is force yourself. The alternatives are icky!


Here is the s/w:http://www.nuance.com/for-individuals/by-product/dragon-for-pc/index.htm

Ho Mo,

so glad your feeling a bit better and your arm has improved a bit.

Years ago when I took antidepressants for sleep problems, the doctor told me they could make you really hungry or not feel like eating at all, so you just have to get into the habit of drinking a small glass of water every hour (set an alarm) and force your self to have 3 small meals a day. Your appetite will come back as your body gets used to the drugs. But definitely discuss it with your doctor.

You don't want to get dehydrated, and if you really can't stomach eating then make smoothies or protein shakes, just as a temporary measure.

And just a quick note, about when other people say, what you need or don't need, I find it easier sometimes to just agree with them. I say something like " I totally agree, SIGH, if only I had your strength " that usually shuts people up :)



Legen... wait for it... dary... loving the new How I met your Mother episodes! :) The pre nup one was way beyond awesome and sad. How is Fringe going? (Haven't had the time to watch it yet so no giving anything away)

Glad the meds are helping Mo, too bad there is not a pill to take for 'family', I think we would all beg for them!

I go through this not eating, not sleeping too, it's maddening! It could be the meds as far as not eating, gotta drink the water though! You know this! It could be the antidepressants. Have to google it and see.

Glad school is going well, too bad you are not watching Homeland, what a show! My favorite!

Hope you can get all of this straightened out, Mo, seems like it's always something!

A pill for family! What a thought! I think I'm the only one with a pretty in-tune family, and it took a while to get there (like my sister coming down with a bad case of Lyme disease.)

If you don't want to drink plain water, what about GatorAid? It also has electrolytes in it and yours may be off from your inability to eat or drink.

The suggestion of smoothies is good one. Or what about eating part of an energy bar, then snacking on a bit more of it in 45 minutes or so? Or else a piece of fruit, like an apple, because fruit is so light.

Like SK, I'm glad that school's working out, It's nice when you find something engaging that can take your mind off of things.

PS: Can you give an idea of what types of exercises you're doing for your wrist?

you are so right. . .I have been trying to drink water and eat but I have been craving sweets. . .drinking soda which is unheard of. I literally, though, cannot eat. . .I will cook dinner for my son and by the time I make my plate I don't even want to touch it. IDK. . .

I to think it's the depression and grief. . .nov 11th is approaching soon and it's one full year without my mom so I am trying to not get to that date you know. hopefully after that day I can eat again. . .

Hey. . .

I am so glad the PT is working too. Both my arms have always hurt the same but my right was worse. I actually do the exercises she gives me for my right arm on my left but it's not helping much. I am going to see the doc and get approval for my left arm as well.

I don't mind the anti-depressants. They help my mood and I do feel feelings. . it's the one medicine that I think does some good. My sisters best friend committed suicide while taking anti-depressants so I always thought they were bad but everyone is different and I believe her problems were deeper than just taking pills.

As for the eating. . .I wouldn't say anorexia, I eat but not enough that someone should but its not on purpose. I am trying to drink more water and eat more food but I literally do not have the taste for food. nothing seems to taste good to me. no one else in my family has ever had an eating problem or any illnesses with it. come to think of it, I am the only one who has ever had this problem. as a teen I went through bouts of not eating but i was a adepressed teen also.

hopefully this all fades soon.

ouch that crystal in the urine thing sounds painful. . . .you may have js scared me into liquids, lol.

my aunt is the know-it-all type where she thinks she is always right. . .blaaaaah. . i ignore her but she can be quite annoying.

Yeah, I’m still struggling with no appetite. I am concerned about the crystals thing too. I have more than one know it all relative so I can empathize with you! Take care of YOU and catch ya later :slight_smile:

Aww bless ya. That’s got to be hard for you. I bet she’d be so proud how well you are coping and wish the best for you. It’s good to talk about it and I guess you need to go through the grieving process. I couldn’t imagine how hard it must be for you because I haven’t lost someone close.
Take care of yourself and continue to make your mum so proud of you.
Sending hugs and prayers your way.

Yes we all need to drink plenty. I have known many people get kidney and gall stones from not drinking enough and have to go to hospital etc. Not eating and drinking will also make you feel like crap and depressed and you’re medicines will not work so well either. Try to eat something each meal time even if its just a piece of fruit, to keep your body working correctly. Sorry for the nagging lol

AHHHH YES!! The ever so awesome Barney Stinson! I like this new season. . .I love how with this show, they literally kp the story line going. . .it's a one of a kind premise and its. . .Legen. . .wait for it. . .DARY!!

OMG as you know Fringe is. . special! lol It's the final season and they are now in the 3rd universe where the observers rule them. . so its all about them trying to save the humans from the rule of the observers. It's a great show. .but you MUST follow along otherwise you will be lost. . .like that show Lost. . .lol

I do realize that now I am taking a higher does of the anti-depressants than ever before and that this increase could be the reason why my lack of eating is present. . .and yes, a pill for family members would be a hot seller!! lol

I started drinking water since the other day, I am forcing myself to drink as much water as I can and yesterday I went and brought some fruits and carrots to eat. . .I can never go wrong with fruits and veggies.

For my exercises, she has me do a lot of strengthening and nerve glides. I do arm twists where I bend my arm at the elbow to my side and bring it up to my chest height while turning the wrists inward and outward going back down, its really great for right before bed time. I do basic wrists stretches just up and down with the wrists, that hurts though so i cant do it much. so things like that, which seems so easy and pointless but is helping with keeping the pain reduced to a workable level.

I am really am starting to think that the anti-depressants are doing this hungerstrike thing to me because the dose is higher than I have ever taken before, honestly it didn't hit me that these could be the problem because I have taken them for so long but just not at this mg.

I used to feed my aunts ego but its tiring. . .it's like OK I GET IT already! lol but she's my aunt so automatically she knows EVERYTHING!