Physical therapy

I went to the doctor today. He gave me vicodin since nothing else has worked and upped my cymbalta. Thank goodness. … the meds are kicking in now. Hallelujah lol.
But he also signed me up for physical therapy.
I hope i can keep up and do it. Plus im trying to lose weight to make things easier…

But has anyone had physical therapy? Has it helped


Uhhhhhhh....wellllll, no. No, it didn't help me and I have tried it on multiple occasions. But I wish you well with yours. Different people respond differently to things.

On the positive side, congrats to you for your meds helping! That's great! It's always so nice to hear when someone finally gets the right kind of meds and they work. What a relief! You must feel much better knowing that you have some control over the pain.

It'll be good to get some other perspectives on the PT issue.

Good luck!

Well Petunia why didn’t you like it?
I know everyone is different. I’m just curious.
And as far as the far so good. But as always vicodin makes me feel zombie like and also sick. So i made sure i ate (healthy salad) dinner. Hopefully it wont be so bad. Today is my first day on it. And i just took it a lil while ago.

Do you do any kind of exercise? Or other things since the pt didn’t help

I didn't like it because it made me feel much worse. i never got any benefit from it, and, in fact, it messed up my knees again, after I'd just got a cortisone shot that calmed them down. (I was in a car accident and messed up my knees back in January.) The pain didn't go away. i was fortunate to get cortisone shots again a few months later, and they've calmed the worst of the pain down again.

Same thing when I did exercises to try and strengthen my core, as directed by PT on several different visits to several different PT centers. I ended up with pain in my hip as well as my back, pain that's never left me.

Up until last week, I was still working part time, delivering meals to the elderly. I'd been doing a lot of walking and going up stairs. It added up to A LOT of exercise. My son took over most of the exercise part this summer, when he came to help out. So yeah, I did do exercise outside of PT. It exhausted the heck out of me but I think it kept my joints from getting all stiff. I can see the difference now that I'm no longer working.

So it's hard to win, Teesa, between doing to much and hurting badly and being exhausted vs. not doing much at all and being stiff. I'm going to try tai chi this weekend, as my rheumy recommended it. It's light stretching and supposedly is very good for people with fibro. Sounds like just the thing!

Vicodin does the same thing to me, Teesa. I hope you feel okay with it henceforth.

YeA I know about the vicodin. I don’t like to be addicted to anything tho. Plus these are making me kinda of nauseous. I didn’t even take the whole thing.

As far as pt i think it might help if i don’t over due it. But i don’t think i can put up with someone rude.

Most PT people aren't rude - I only had one who was out of the many I saw. And I sent her on her way quickly. But they usually don't know much about fibro and are very gung ho on pushing you in order to "get better." Well, what works on other illnesses may NOT work with fibro! Kelly's right, don't let them push you to over do it.

I've been thinking of water therapy too but don't know if I could get into the pool anymore, thanks to the bad knees. But some people really do like it. Others, not so much so.

Hi Teesa,

My Chiropractor is also a licensed Physical Therapist, and since he knows my body and it's injuries and ailments better than anyone, he set up a program of stretching and strength training programs that I can do right here. I also did the arthritis swim/exercise program at the Y and took swimming lessons for as long as my body would allow.

He and my GP also thought this a better plan for me due to the fact that it is very difficult for me to ride in a car, and the fact that it is very possible that the Physical Therapists can push you too hard, trying to get substantial results in a short period of time. This is my Chiro's biggest concern, so just please know when to say "WHEN"!

I do hope it goes well for you, and you like it!

Keep us in the loop!,


Thank you Petunia. You are are helpful. I know what you mean when you say either do nothing at all and hurt or workout/pt anf hurt as well maybe even more. That’s what I’m scared of. I thought maybe the exercisE would help with some Weight lost. I’m scared tho. I heard of tai chi and yoga too. Heard it helps. ,tell me how it goes with tai chi i may try it.
Thanks again Petunia.

I can’t swim. I’m a lil scared of water therapy lol. But it does seem interesting lol.
I used to work at a rehab center with physical therapist. They push people hard. And the few that were fiends with me were really nice. Others were really pricks

Very helpful SK.
Il keep you guys posted. I get to pick a facility for pt. My choice so im going to review this


I have had pt several times let them no upfront what your problems are and what you expect. Like SK my Chiropractor has been the most help and I actually do the stretches he has taught me. Keep us posted and since you can pick your spot talk to each first and compare their answers before you choose one.