I am new to FMS just been diagnosed last month but I have been dealing with it for 10 years. I was a very active person. I have mountain bikes and a road bike and free weights in my basement. Needless to say they have not been used in awhile. Will I ever be able to exercise like that again? Does anyone ever go into remission?


Hi Ablood, I think everyone is different when it comes to this. My Dr. wants me to exercise but its so painful. I am able to go for a 3 mile bike ride now and than or swim but so far thats it for me. When you do try just start slow and take it easy to work yourself to where you would like to be if you can but don't push it. Best of luck to you, Robin

Thanks Robin,

I went for a walk last week on two days in a row and it wiped me out the next day or so. So I figured I just have to rest in between any type of exercise.



Good message. "Live in the now". I can do that and will need to be reminded of that constantly. And I will accept the worst thing which is this could be with me as long as I live.

Dale Carnegie in his gook "How to stop worrying and start living" speaks to those 2 principles. One live in day tight compartments and two accept the worst thing that can happen in whatever we are worrying about.

Anyway thanks for sharing.


Yes you will be. I have periods of off and on hard core cardio training that I do just fine in until I have to scale back. I compete in yearly obstacle courses like Warrior Dash (it's just like Tough Mudder but lighter) which is a 3 mile obstacle course over light to heavy terrain.

I am going to start working out again as my body needs it, slowly but in time I will pick back up to my normal pace. I did/ yoga, circuit training, jump rope, free weights and some biking and hiking. It's all about pacing yourself. Listening to your body. When you get TOO tired where you know it's not the normal workout fatigue then you need to scale back. I felt that feeling 3 months ago and stopped completely, shouldn'tve stopped everything.

I don't go into remission it's just that my body feels better when I do exercise but I tend to do too much like I used to so I have to learn how much is too much. Everyone responds differently. People told me that I could not work out vigorously as a fibro patient and I believed it until a few yrs ago when I started working out & decided to see how I would feel and never felt better. I can say that I am fit for my age & condition, I do yoga/Pilates with ease, I can bike ride (did so few a wks ago & all summer, it was great), I can still hike (did it all throughout the summer on the near by trials) and hit the gym. PACE YOURSELF!! It's your body, listen to it.

How far are you willing to push yourself? I know this flare up I am in has a lot to do with how hard I pushed myself in the gym the last 8 months so I now know that I can't push myself THAT hard : )

I'm going to start out with light circuit training, light jogging and light free weights (I also have a brace on my wrist so I have to tailor my hand exercises and push-ups to meet that) it will be hard and getting my body back to a point where I can do 10 burpees without stopping is not going to be easy but worth it. BUT I will be listening to my body this time!!!!!

Yoga is very good even for men!! Try it, it helps to loosen you up, take out the stiffness. I've been doing yoga since I was a teen, keeps me flexible. I have dvds of my favorite yoga instructors or you can join a place and do it with a group where they teach you the moves. Meditating is also good to get back to centered calm body. There is a dvd at MAYOCLINIC.com that has a fibromyalgia yoga dvd which is great for postures to do for us.

Dieting is a good way to help with exercises. I do fruit and fish diets quite often, it's brutal to just eat fruit and fish for a few months but my body feels great after it, cleansed.

Sorry so long.

Good luck to you.

Thanks that's encouraging.


I have extenuating circumstances but much like yourself when I try to exercise it pains me to no ends. It wears me out like I just ran a 10k and I’m in bed for two days. Although I found a really nice diamond back mountain bike that is comfortable for me and so I am waiting to save up to buy it cuz I have been wanting to get out of the house. Ive also recently lost 79#'s and have plateaued so hopefully something like riding a bike will help!

Gentle Hugs