Work had been going well, two days a week is certainly enough and I am fortunate that I get regular breaks and an hour for lunch. I got home on Friday feeling very pleased with myself and even cooked dinner. THEN I CRASHED! I collapsed on to the sofa and fell asleep for a short while, before waking up in such pain I could hardly move to change position. My husband got me a drink, but I couldn't take the glass, my fingers wouldn't close to hold it, they felt like plasticine. I felt as if I had been drained completely, I couldn't function properly and I was scared. My head was pounding and my back, arms, legs, chest, oh heck, everything hurt. I cried and got so frustrated because I'd had a taste of feeling good and once again I'd been betrayed by my body. I eventually made it upstairs to bed, only to find that although I felt exhausted, I couldn't get to sleep. My legs started twitching and the electric shocks began to zap their way up and down each leg and then my brain decided that it wanted to repeat "We Are The Champions" over and over and over in my head - it wouldn't stop. If I hadn't felt so awful it might have been funny! It has taken me until today to start feeling a bit better, but now I'm so tired I keep bumping into things and slurring my words. At least I don't have to go to work again until Thursday, so keep your fingers crossed for me and I would really appreciate a few gentle hugs. x

Oh you poor person!!! Isn't it awful to do something, feel good about it, and then CRASH? And the pain is just so awful! We hope, over and over and over again, that if we JUST TRY HARD ENOUGH that we'll go back to being normal. Nope. It never happens. But I'm sorry that your week was so frustrating and painful.

I'm sorry to be chuckling over the repeat play of "We are the Champions" inside your head, but that kind of thing happens to me all of the time with music! It's like the thoughts inside of my brain zip and zap around - the stupid ones that are inconsequential, that is! Not the important ones, like where I put something.

I hope you get some rest and can feel well enough to rinse and repeat next week. And I sincerely hope that next week brings you less pain and more peace.

Gentle hugs to you!


Thank you so much, Petunia Girl, for your good wishes.

I suppose I should be grateful, after all it could have been Shutuppa Your face by Joe Dolce. You are right, the things you want to remember, wont stay in your head for a short time, but that little ear worm just selects repeat for the things we want to forget and off we go, over and over.

I told the Doctor that the most frustrating thing was the days when we get hints of being 'normal' and then the bad days take over. At least we have been told we will have a few days of sunshine here in the UK, so I will try and rest in the garden and maybe even get a bit of a tan. Got to grab the positives when we can. x

Not to make light of your exhaustion because I feel for you and I know what it’s like to think you will have a good day and then it,all goes to hell in a hand basket but I laughed too about We Are The Champions. I have the same problem as I have been watching the Olympics a lot and they play it over and over! Hope you had a nice rest in the garden and caught a few rays.

Awww Gillie, thats so frustrating when you're really pleased with yourself for accomplishing so much then two seconds later get that feeling of being hit by a huge truck. It's good you have such a nice husband to take care of you when fibro hits like this.

Have a good rest for the next few days and I hope work this week will get a little easier on the afermath. Fingers crossed and gentle hugs.

Lol to the songs! I often get songs/tunes that pop up in my head at times and when I work out what it is, they're relevant in some way, but really weird. (Not like me I know). Like when I work I got the A-team theme tune lol. Esp when my bro steps into give me a hand. And when I'm really struggling and want to give up and go home I get "The eye of the tiger" from the Rocky movies and "I will survive". Lmao. I better go before I incriminate myself anymore...

LOL, now I'm going to be hearing "Oh Shutuppa Your Face" in my head days from now and forget why! I wonder if our fibro brains do this to us because they are still demanding mental stimulation, even though they refuse to accept useful stimulation?

Yeah, you're right, the up and down is very tough. You get used to feeling somewhat "better" and then, before you know it, it's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Mine has been absolutely horrific ever since I had a medical procedure done. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get back to my "normal" fibro existence again.

I DO sympathize with you on your weather. I live in NEW England and we go through month at a time of cold, rainy weather. Thankfully, it's not in the summertime. I feel for you suffering thru it. Hope you get several nice, sunny days to "dry" that fibro out.

Thanks Jo x

My husband says it's called an 'ear worm', when a song, or a thought, keeps going round and round in your head. If we've got all these brain flies and ear worms in our heads, it's hardly surprising we can't think straight. I need to buy some Fibro Fog - insect Repellant! Anyone know where I can buy some? Will it be in the 'Where Did I Leave My Keys' Aisle, or in the 'Forgot What I Came Out For' Aisle?

Thank you x

No sorry, I don't. I have swarms of mind insects in my head. Now including sponge bob. Lol. Ahhh the last song you hear on the radio or cd... that does your head in too lol.

Maybe we "need" these songs to keep us going or take our mind of the pain? Doesn't flipping work though!!

Our sense of humours do help us to get through the long days and nights.

Hahaha!! I think they might all be in the same aisle, if we only knew which one it was...

Hello Gilllie!

So nice to have you with us, so sorry that you are going through all of this.

I am not a med professional, but you may want to ask to see a Neurologist? What are your thoughts on this? Are you already seeing a Rheumatologist?

Please contact one, let them take another look at you, write down everything, so you don't forget when you get there!

Wishing you WELL,


I'm guessing it's K-Mart's blue light "specials" aisle.

I love that - an ear worm! It must be a drunken one, cause it keeps wandering around and around.

Hi Petunia girl, I'd like to join that drunken worm, but I've found I can't even have an alcoholic drink now without feeling bad. x