Wore myself out

I went on holiday for the weekend with a group of ladies from a fibro support group.The trip was horrible and im feeling horrible now as a result.I now know my limits.Im definitely housebound.My cfs is acting up as well.Overall it was bad and i shouldnt have gone.My back is killing me and i dont know how people can exercise and work

Hi Queenpink, I am sorry to hear that trip wasn't good. Did you enjoy the company and was there anything nice about the trip at all? It sounds like it was a bit physical? I hope you are getting a chance to rest today. Hugs!!

No i didnt enjoy the company.I felt awkward around them.It was very taxing i must say.i jus woke up from a nap.Im more rested than i was.

Hi Queen,

I'm sorry the experience wasn't a good one. I can sympathize. I went bowling on Saturday and played 3 games, but wow did I pay for it the next day. I was limping around the house because I was in so much pain. It sucks to have to recognize our limitations, but we can still acknowledge them and find enjoyable things to do within our limits. I hope you are feeling better today.

Sending support your way,


I'm feeling a bit better.I overslept and missed my doctors appointment.I'm less stressed but still anxious.I'm exhausted and in pain.I don't know what will lift my mood at this point.

I'm sorry Queen. I know the feeling.

What I try to remember is, this feeling will subside to a point where it is tolerable. You are at a point right now where it is not tolerable and it is hard to deal with the pain. Try to let the bad memory of the trip go and focus on feeling well. I often find myself trying to recall days where I feel decent and remember what I did during that day to feel better. I know, it sucks!

Hang in there,


thank you sara.Im trying to forget the whole thing.But one good thing happened today i managed to fit into a loose uk size 12 t-shirt.I started exercising yesterday and im determined to lose some weight.