I wrote a blog post yesterday on FAQs and I am not talking about the kind that the medical professionals provide. I believe that we need to create a comprehensive one that encompasses the dialog we have with others about our illnesses. Please take a minute to read through what I have started and add in - I believe this could be a very useful tool and very personal to each of us. the post is at http://dahm-fibro.blogspot.com/2014/03/whatcanwe-do.html. Love and Hugs!!!

This is a great idea. It puts the symptoms of the disease into words anyone can understand. Thank you for sharing!!

IT's extremely good, Linnie, and I hope it helps others. I agree that more need to be put out there but I'm noooooooot sure if I can do it, please pardono my wayward "o". I feel so exhausted that can't think much anymore and my arms tire so easilty these days, cna't type long or well. I don't know how you do it and how you worked from home for 14 yrs after diagnosis butg bless you. Keep on going, Linnie! you're doing a great job.