Trying to keep strong

just feel like locking myself away and let the world go by , just tired of the everday battle which we all have , its other things to sort out like we all have to in life but if i was well and normal i would just get on with it , sorry just having a vent ! feel overwelmed with everything and trying to put everything into perspective again x


Yes, that sounds so good sometimes. The only problem is that the more we lock ourselves away, the more remote we get from the rest of the world, which isn't good for us either. But having a few days where you indulge in it might not be a bad thing.

You're right, it's a TOUGH battle. It's tiring. It's humbling. I don't want to have to fight it anymore but there's no choice. So I keep going back to the doctor in order to get a little piece with some pain meds (not the big guns for me.) Just getting SOME relief helps to make it more manageable. Do you have meds that help some with pain relief? If not, it's time to talk to your doctor again. Everything that CAN be done should be done, so you have every possible avenue open to you, meds wise.

Sleep is another way to feel a bit better. Calms the fibro down a bit sometimes, calms the mind too. It's just SO easy to get overwhelmed with the fibro and become exhausted. Then it's time to power down for a bit.

Food is another biggie. I find that I MUST eat when I've done something physically exerting or else my fibro just goes through the roof.

Feel free to let it out here, that helps too! In fact, it helps a lot.

Hope you're feeling better at the moment.



ty xx it means soo much xxx a big hug to you both xxxxx

Hello Angie

Isn't it a relief to know that you can come here and vent? Because we understand. We need to be able to vent about how we feel. Sometimes it's even hard to put into words exactly how we feel even here amongst people who are dealing with the same health issues. But at least you can come here and in a few words let us know that you are having a bad or frustrating day. You will always find some understanding and empathy.

Hi Angie,

I hope that you are feeling better. This kind of constant pain can get you down, it takes a lot of consant coping to get to a better place, even then you still have your days. Adjusting to this is very difficult, we were all women of power at one time, and it takes us all the stages of mourning to come out on the other side.

I hope that you know that you can vent and pour you heart out anytime, it's fine becuase we all understand and care about you!

Hope you are having a better day! Watch a funny movie, it always helps!

Love and hugs,


Again, Hockeymom, so well expressed.

instead of lockinng yourself away just come here and vent. trust me hiding away is not the answer i have tried. i have spent days on end in my room only to have my depression get worse. i always get really down when i do this.

i hope that u can find some relief and answers that you need. many hugs to u

ty all for your replys , it makes me feel so much better , taliking on here makes me realise im not cracking up and im not alone , big warm hugs xxxx

ty angel , big hugs xxxx

Angie, Sure hope you are feeling better. This is the "BEST" place to vent because we are all right here with you.. When you wrote you feel overwhelmed with everything and trying to put it all into perpective AGAIN that hit home. We can be getting along for a few weeks and boom her we are, going through so many of the same feelings and things again. Hang in there and I hope you have a good day. Lots of hugs, Robin

I hate to hear that you are struggling. This is such a hard time of year and to have to deal with daily pain on top of it. Maybe you do need a time out. This may be your body and mind telling you it's time to step back for a minute and recharge your battery.

Before you go to bed, take some time for you. Run a hot bath, light a candle, kick back and breathe!! Let the warm water wash away all of your stress. Close your eyes, and envision yourself being buoyant. Start at your toes, in your mind tell them to relax. Feel your feet and ankles loosen and begin to float. Your legs get lighter as the pain leaves your body. Feel your whole body begin to loosen. Float your hands up to the surface, feel them bob in the warm water. Just relax.

Enjoy the quiet. Get really pruney!

I pray that you will have some relief. Know that we're here for you, and don't apologize for venting!

Angie, I hope & pray you are feeling better, we all sure can understand how you feel. Hang in there, stay strong and remember to take care of your self !!!
Hugs & blessings


Thinking of you tonight. Wherever you are, I hope you're feeling relatively okay and are having something of a good time for the holidays. Please contact me or one of us if you need to talk more.



I hope your days have improved since you posted. I have a feeling that most of us have felt as you do.

Just putting up with all the emotions involved in having fibro every day is enough to depress most people. It takes a lot of our energy just to keep on keeping on! Seems like I am always telling myself that there will be a good day coming along and it will help to make up for the difficult ones.

It is tricky to keep things in perspective, which is especially true when I feel depressed. I make mountains out of molehills.

I hope you are feeling lots better. Wishing everyone a good 2013.

hi yucca , happy christmas to you , hope you are ok aswell , being on here has helped me alot , and im grateful for this , being around all my family is lovely and it keeps me going , when i have to lye down they understand , christmas had overwelmed me as its my first christmas with fibro , i usually was buzzing around and organising , and partying , but now i know iam a different person and i have changed , my love to you and everyone big hugs xxxx

Angie, I think I know what you are saying about being a different person but you are not! You are the same person in every way that truly counts- the same heart and soul. Yes, you have a physical illness but that does to change who you are inside. You are a strong, beautiful woman- don’t let fibro take that from you! Hugs, MB

Hope you are feeling better today angie! Sending good thoughts your way!

hi sk and angel , a big hug from uk xx ty for ur replys , im ok , knowing i have u guys helps and makes me stronger i so much appreciate it , all my love hope you have had a nice christmas , xxxxxx