Hi everyone! I am feeling frustrated today. I am so tired of the ups and downs of fibro. One day i am taking pain meds all day, the next day i am having aches and pains and just pushing through. Then I wake up the following day feeling ok then about an hour into my day the sharp pains hit me. I am just frustrated and tired. But I am so thankful that i have the support of everyone here because i know my family gets tired of hearing about it. Thanks for listening. Love to all! :heart:

Hello Rachel

I agree it is good to have a place to offload, family can be great, but no-one really understands like a fellow Fibro warrior! I can totally relate to what you say, and you never know what sort of day it will be. All I can say is build up a toolkit of things that will help, mindfulness, relaxation, gentle exercise, pacing, i am sure others can suggest more. Be kind to yourself and good luck

Take care, Anne

One thing to try to do, is find something you can do while in mild to medium pain. The more you can focus on other things the better you pain meds will work. Also it keeps you from allowing your pain to become your identity.

I've had a lot of plans for today...things to pick upl clean up - paperwork,, folding laundry. I NEVER turn the TV on, but I did today and just felt sorry for myself. I have found that when I wake up in the morning, I make my coffee and take my meds. then I lay down on the sofa for about 45 minutes. sometimes I fall asleep. but that gives my meds time to work. then I get my coffee and breakfast and get dressed. it helps greatly. I cannot just get up and do things.