Fibro Clinics

Has anyone looked into or attended a Fibro Clinic? A few years back there were advertising it in my city and I gave them a call. The person on the phone was very evasive and told me the 'program' would cost around $6,000.00. Having to put out that amount of money would surely cause me pain!

Eh, Jo, an evasive person plus that cost would put me off too. You were wise to hesitate, as you know that there will be people out there dying to make a tidy profit off of people who are in chronic pain and are desperate.

That being said, what I recommend is this: if there's a particular clinic you're interested in, google it by name, then add the word "ratings." See how other people rate it. Then google the name again with the word "fraud" after it to see if anyone has reported them for fraud or has any legitimate gripes about the clinic. Read up, ESP. if you're looking a a cost like that. And why would fibro treatment cost that much anyway? And if all of us are getting pretty much the same treatment and info from our docs, how do these folks have a fantastic program that works and that mainstream docs know nothing of?

Lastly, Jo, consider that some folks have gotten much worse after these treatments, if they are quackery. I've read about this happening. Just be very, very cautious. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Omg! Talk about taking the p! I'd rather get breast implants with the money than hand it over to them! But back to the point, I've never heard of a fibro clinic here, and I won't be looking either.

Me too, Jo, I'd rather get breast implants, and that's saying something since I already had them reduced.

Awww u lucky so n so! Could have swapped with mine instead! Tmi... lol...sorry!