Finally everything is moved

Well I am finally moved in properly. Having internet installed tomorrow and looking forward to being back on here. I have missed you all loads *hugs* xx
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Beautiful place! I wish you every happiness there!

Glad tomorrow is the hook up date, finally! Miss you!

Wow Mike- absolutely stunning. Need a roommate?

As beautiful as it is, I don't think I could take the cold, the Scottish Isles are less than 500 miles from Iceland! Would be a great place in the summer though!

Get those long johns ready Mike!

Oh, Mike, nice nice nice! Now you need a nice Scottish Terrier to look over you and your SO.

Is it really only 500 miles from Iceland? Brrrrr!

Mike, wow, it looks like something you see in the movies. Kick back and enjoy it! Glad you are back online, it seemed like something was was you. :")



I have internet at last :D

The Scottish Isles are about that far away but Bute and Arran are a couple of exceptions. They are a similar height to Glasgow, that being said I have been here for winter before when it was -16C, 3F which was rather chilly.

As for people coming to stay there are lots of empty flats and houses around here so you could buy a holiday home?

I am so glad to be back because I have missed you all so much. *hugs*


Sounds good! I’ll buy a holiday flat but I would like cakes with peppermint icing, please!