Moving house

Hey all,

I just want to apologise for not being on here much the last few days. I am in the process of moving house. I am moving to the Isle of Bute which is one of the Scottish Isles and I feel much healthier there.

My partner's parents have bought the flat for us (and they are amazing for it) and it is about 50 meters from the beach :D. I will upload some photos when I get the chance.

Again I apologise for not being on here much. I hope you are all ok. Missing speaking with you all and wish I could create a little village for us all to live in together so that we can pop round for dinner with each other etc.



I knew your partner was finally home, so I wanted to give you your time together, but have been sending good wishes your way!

Sounds like those good wishes are working out for you! There is nothing more healing than the ocean, just take care to stay warm, and have good computer connections! Have to stay in touch! God bless 'em for such a nice gesture for you guys, sounds idealic!

Yes, wouldn't that be some little village! '

So nice to hear things are going well, take care of your health!

Love and hugs,


I can get up to 3mb/s internet lol... where I am now it is up to 100mb/s, still it will be fast enough to talk. Thank you and *hugs* xx

Wow, a seaside home! Lucky you! Your partner's parents are, indeed, nice!

No worries, same old same old here.

Congratulations, Mike! Just be careful to not overdo it while moving.

That sounds really great Mike. The Scottish Isles sound beautiful and tranquil. The ocean is very healing. I like the idea of the "little village." We could have fish and chips on the beach at night with a bon fire. :')

Oh, no, now I just got that village people song in my head called "ymca." LOL

Look forward to seeing your pictures.



I’m so happy for you and Peter. The photos of the area where you’re moving are spectacular. I think you will have plenty of visitors! :slight_smile: I think it looks like a perfect spot for a colony of fibromites.
Can’t wait for you to move and get settled in. I know packing must be stressful so hang in there!!

So glad to hear that. Hope you enjoy the beauty.

I saw photos of the Isle of Bute, looks scenic. Oh, and there is a restaurant called "Bute's Little Italy" that had some good reviews, located in Rothesay.


Aww Bless You Mike!

I'm so excited for you, you lucky so n so! We will continue to try to win the lottery and start the village off! We will win the lottery!!

Take care sweetie, and have loads of fun too!!

Jo xx

Lmao! Thanks, I have that song in my head too now. It's contagious!

Thank you, I am sure I will love it there :D xx

I will have to try it out. I have been to Bute a few times and eaten in a lot of places there, all of which have been good :D xx

Shall we start a syndicate? xx

Sounds like a plan. My mum told me yesterday someone just won £146M. Lucky beepers! That could start our little village off, and not out of lego either. xx

You know I was thinking now that you are moving to the beach, we have a reason to come to the Scottish Isles, if we could ever afford to, or tolerate the travel! LOL! Wouldn't you be surprized?

Wouldn't "I" be surprised!

I would be yes... It would be nice though :D xx

I believe you shall have many visitors! :slight_smile: I’m saving up miles for a one way ticket! (just kidding)

I was all excited until I saw the last two words :( xx

I am trying not to overdo it but boxes do not pack themself lol. xx