I survived

Well for those who know I had to travel from Scotland to Devon (700 miles) and managed to survive. I had some new muscle relaxants and they helped a great deal. Made it back to Rugby from Devon too so that's another 300 miles. Going to be back in Scotland next Saturday and will be quite busy until then. I hope no one misses me.

Love to you all.

Mike xx

I am glad you had your new med, you have been very busy lately. I always look for your post and photos.

Thank you... when I am home I will be putting much more up... I am trying to keep up with things xx

Hi Mike,

How can you think you aren't missed? I've been wondering where you were. Glad to know the new med is helping. Continue to take care of yourself.

Gentle Hugs,

Dottie S

Aww thank you :)

I second everyone else, we definitely miss your posts and pictures, the one above is lovely. Have a good trip the rest of the way home