Fumbling fingers

Hi All!

Does anyone have fumbling fingers? I had severe numbness in my hands for months and since my doctor started me on Savella, I'm not as numb. But, I have noticed that my hands and fingers are unable to grasp things. It's as if I can't get my fingers to do what I want them to do (does that make sense?) They are swollen and sore. I'm always dropping things. Even now as I'm typing this-my fingers don't look right. They seem "curled" (I don't know how else to describe it) It's concerning me because at my job I'm a veterinary technician and I draw blood on animals. It's become very awkward for me to hold a syringe. It's so frustrating for me. I have come to accept the fact that soon I will be unable to do my job. I'm looking into other positions in the veterinary field. This is all I know how to do. I've been doing this for over 20 years! Oh well... I was just wondering if anyone else experiences the fumbling and if anyone has any suggestions on what to do for it. I try to massage them throughout the day but that's very temporary. Thanks.

Hhhmmm… I’m almost wondering if you could have rheumatoid arthritis since you mentioned your fingers curling and swollen. A good friend has RA and her fingers appear this way. Do you see a rheumatologist?

Hey Carol Ann!

Oh yes, I have battles with zip lock bags! You may want to check your family history for Rheumatory Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Psoriasis, Mention this to your Dr asap, ask to run the blood work on you for these, there are new meds to slow progression of joint damage, and improve motion. I have PsA and take Enbrel, it is early in the game as far as how well it is working since warm weather is here, but I seem to be a bit better right now, even with all of the storms!

Really, don't try to tough it out, get checked!

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My doctor said I have osteoarthritis in my ankles, hips and lower spine. He didn't see any signs in my hands. When I had the terrible numbness he had said it was part of fibro and the medication should help. I hate feeling like I'm 90 years old. I remember helping my 90 yr old grandmother button her sweaters because she said her fingers wouldn't work. This is exactly like that!

I hear you sister! My grandmother was hunched and hump-backed as well, as was her mother, and her Mother... Hope that Enbrel slows the joint damage for me! I had a pain from hell in my big toe today getting in the bath, just one more thing! None of this Arthritis is any good, any fun!

Heat helps my fingers, hand and wrists, of course I have Raynauds and cannot even stand to get in the freezer without howling!

From one 90 year old to the other, hope you feel better and get some answers and meds from Doc!

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Not every day but maybe a couple of days a week my fingers are too sore and swollen to do anything at all. I have to use speech to text software to use the computer and have to drink through a straw because I cannot grasp a glass properly. I do not feel with my hands at all when I am like this and have somehow managed to break glasses by squeezing them too hard whilst being frightened I was going to drop them.

As for solutions I have not found anything personally because mine sort themselves out, but I notice you say that they look curled. It may be (unlikely but worth asking a doctor about) that they are curving because the tendons are too tight (this happened to a family member) and one of the ways that this was helped was by seeing a physiotherapist who specialises in hand therapy. If that fails there is still the option of surgery to release the tendons so your fingers extend normally and this may get rid of the symptoms. Finally, I have to wear wrist supports, and I notice on the days when I wear them as I should (all the time) my fingers behave better. They are not particularly expensive and may be worth considering if you want to try something before seeing a doctor.

I hope this helps.


Oh, no doubt the tendons are pulling away from the bone, typical trauma response, especially considering my hands were gripping the steering wheel all three times I was rear ended! The Chiropractors kept me on my feet for a long time, looking back, I really wonder if I haven't had this for a long time, the FMS anyway (at least)!

I had the nerve and muscle tests done by a Neurologist, he determined the mild CT, but the time he got to the wrists, and found it in one, I made him stop, I ended up crashed in bed for a week from that. Back to the oversensitivity to anything invasive, because of all the invasive tests and treatments! He prescribed me wrist supports, the off the shelf kind, the lady there sized me, not sure if she fitted me into something too small or it is the PsA or the Raynaud's but they just kill me, make it much, much worse!

I plan to try a Tommy Copper wrist compression thing, have had so much success with the blouse and shorts to cover my entire back that decided to get the knee and ankle bands for my deteriating joints there, am waiting for the return on those, they were too small. Haven't decided exactly which of the products will be best considering all ailments! For what you use them for though, I believe the hard ones are the best!

Have them on today?

Thank you for your input, I passed on the link between the Raynauds and Thyroid thanks for that!


I do have mine on today, learned my lesson about them the hard way as you know :-( x

So glad to hear it! I know that there is much to keep track of and sometimes the Fibro Fog just takes over for a moment or too, but I have to say you are one smart young man! A researcher, like myself!

Some of the other books I collect are old reference books, some are crumbling, but I love them, used to fall asleep reading the dictionary, should probably do it again, get my vocabulary up! Speaking of that not sure if you are familiar with our comedian Dennis Miller, but talk about a prolific vocabulary, you had better have the dictionary ready when he takes the stage!

Thanks again for that link, I have already passed that info on at the PsA site.

OBYW, may I make a suggestion to you to post each question seperately, refering to the info you are gathering for a video on FMS, please make sure that you clearly state the intent of your info gathering to all. I think that you will get a better response!

Awhile back my doctor said something about wrist supports. That's when my hands were numb. I'm going to ask him about them again. Thanks for that suggestion-I don't know why I didn't think of that. I can barely move any part of my body today because I wanted to just enjoy the outdoors yesterday and do some gardening-now I'm paying the price! All I want to do are the simple things in life-and I can't even do those things without pain. I have to go to work in 2 hours and I can barely move. The thought of standing all day is really depressing me!!