Numb fingers?

Okay, seeing if anyone else has this.

I noticed it again tonight, but randomly the pads of my fingers will go totally numb with no reason. I'm used to the tingling in my hands by this point, but numb with no warning is strange. And nothing brings em back except waiting. I noticed it tonight while I was playing with my pet rats, all of a sudden my left thumb was numb and the tips of my right hand had gone numb.

The right hand I could get, I've had tendonitis in that hand for years. But the left usually goes numb first when that happens, it's so odd. Fibro is such a strange disease. And I know I don't have any pinched nerves, had an MRI the other day and I came out clean save for the scoliosis issues I've had for a while now.

Hi Allesmere, I can’t say I have ever had that, however carpel tunnel can cause numbness in fingers. Hope you get some ans.
Hugs and blessings

Hello Aly!

I have numb fingers from the pinkie in, the pinkie is the worst, the Rheumatologist told me it was related to nerves in the neck.

Please keep a running list of things to report to your Doctor, I keep mine on the frige, and add to it as needed, this way you don't forget half of it. This is something he needs to know about, please don't assume it's the scoliosis as I had imagined mine came from the spinal stenosis in my tail bone, but it was another area all together!

I am sorry to hear that you have Scoliosis, there are others here who have this too. If you would like, post about it and discuss it with others who suffer this!

My good thoughts and wishes are with you,


SK, the list thing on the frig is a great idea, also I have a friend that was dx w lupus what is the on line support group for lupus?

I think I need to start a list, lol. Between the mobility issues and the numbness, and tonight after a good day, I've got a nasty stabby pain in my heel.

My scoliosis was actually discovered when I was a kid, but they decided it "wasn't bad enough" to deserve treatment. So now I'm paying for it. I've got a 20 degree curve in my lower spine. I'm hoping to get a referral to a good back doctor who can help me figure out my nasty back pain.

Blessed be all

Hello Allesmere

I too have been experiencing lately numb fingers. I move them and stretch them and in time they "come back." However, for many years I would get a numb arm when I was holding the telephone to my ear so I bought a headpiece so my hands are free and I don't get the numb arm anymore. But the fingers business is random, not the same fingers each time.

Yes, I think it's a good idea to discuss with your doctor, but some of this stuff that we fibromites deal with are a mystery to them as well as to us.

I'm glad you posted this discussion because we will see how many others are also dealing with it.

Gentle hugs


Hi Yes I too have fingers that go numb,both of my feet,doctors have done all kinds of tests,if I can recall right I think one test showed prombles with the nerves. Like you i just have to waite.Hugs

I get this. Was diagnosed with Renaud's. Not that I do anything particular about it. But I am on something for MS that has helped with fibro. Has not helped with numbness in hands. I do have disk problems in back and neck,too.

My friend is in the middle of trying to get diagnosed with whether she has lupus or fibro. Right now, they're trying to figure out if she has lupus. If not, I guess they'll drill down into whether it's fibro. She's been dealing with this for years now, poor thing. I told her about this group, but don't know if she's signed on. She is exhausted all the time from seeing so many doctors - and getting nowhere. I don't know much about lupus but she is in so much pain i really think she has fibro.

We have much in common, uk2, I also have Raynaud's, degenerative disc disease, arthritis in spine and joints. No fun, is it? They keep looking for MS and Lupus in addition to all that I already have! UGH!

What are they giving you that is used for MS? I am always interested in new treatment possibilities!

I do have numbness in the fingers and hand every now and again. . not as much as I used to. no explanation for it.

Hi Allesmere,

I have the problem all the time. It's a nerve problem associated with the fibro, but it could be something else so worth checking out.. It gets worse for me when the weather gets cold. Fibro is such a weird illness - most of us find new symptoms the longer we have it. It's not always worse but definitely weird.