Hands and Legs keep going numb

I THINK I might have mentioned this to my doctor but not sure if I addressed it enough. I see him later this month, but I am curious if anyone else gets this and why. I have read that the leg might be due to siatic (sp) and my hands possibly corpal tunnel. All I know is is that I am worried and it hurts. Suggestions, insights?

Sorry no insights but this happens to me too. My left foot goes numb especially when I bend over and my hand have been going numb too lately. However I do know that my hands are not do to carpal tunnel cause it starts at the back of my arm, when my arm is involved, and goes to my pinky and spreads. My hubby has had carpal tunnel and has had it fixed on one side. Good luck

My foot doesn't go quite numb but gets burning pins and needles. Rheumy wants me to see a neurlogist for this. Have you been to one? Might be worth checking into. But I think it's yet another one of those fibro things. Also I think sciatica can do this in the leg. Fun, huh? :-/

I have had wrist pain since the onset of fibro 8yrs agoa nd to this day, no proper diagnosis has been had. I do experience my hands and legs going numb as my ankles have been just as painful as my wrists. I'd bring it up and ask for MRI or BONE SCANS, I get them every year and they still show no signs of what could be causing the pain which leads me to think it's just fibro

Fibromyalgia does this. It's called neuropathy, and the feelings are called paresthesias or dysesthesias. My pain doctor told me that it's an extension of the aches and pains.

JC Colyer is another here that I know about who have talked about their - esthesias.

Personally my left foot is always numb, as well as my left hand which was so weak I had to have a stroke ruled out. As far as scans, I know that further tests are useless, for myself. Pains I would describe as stabbing or pinpricks, the paresthesias aren't constant. Yours might come and go, just take the best care that you know how to do.

This has been happening to me VERY OFTEN lately. I used to experience it here and there but numbness in my thighs is an every night occurance and my hands get numb often as well. :(
I am going to see my doctor on wednesday and I am going to let him know.
I hope you feel better fast.

I sometimes get a wave of tiny pin pricks in my hands and forearms. It actually feels like a histamine reaction, very similar but without the redness or itchiness. It last for a minute or two and then goes away.

Okay this is kind of weird, but I've found that although it also happens randomly, if I even THINK about or read about numbness, my left foot starts tingling and burning again.

I have the numbness too. It is random and seems to affect my right side more than my left. Carpal tunnel has been ruled out. When I asked the neurologist about it, he said to talk to the rheumy. When I asked the rheumy, he said to talk to the neurologist. I have an appr. With a neurologist in Birmingham at the end of Sept. maybe I will get some answers then as I am going to a teaching hospital and they always seem more willing to dig a little deeper at at teaching hospital.

From listening to all y’all, I am getting more and more convinced that it is related to the FM. But never hurts to get it checked out.

Yes, exactly or like when you take too much of Niacin. You've nailed it.

I'm starting to get it in the thigh too. I do think it's the fibro. At least for most of us it does go away again in a few minutes.

I'm sorry that you have it all of the time. Now that must be a real pain in the butt...or foot, in your case. I don't know why it strikes some of us harder than the others.

I appreciate your sharing your doctor's advice on it, since I really didn't get why it was happening.

Wow, there are a lot of us experiencing this symptom. I didn't see my doctor he was "out on an emergency again". After taking a 3trains and 3buses to get to him I am in the process of changing doctors. He is HORRIBLE!

Oh, i would be so BS!!! if my doctor did that to me after all of that travel and fibro I'd be fit to be tied and would probably leave a less than polite message for the doctor.

Oh I just told the nurse that I was changing doctors. Her response was.."That's how all doctors are these days, sweety"
I said ok and left. I will see my new doctor on the 14th. Until then I am going to see her back up tomorrow for leg swelling, pain and numbness.

There are good doctors out there, met a few. Don't give up. 14 doctors is not unusual these days, especially with fibro :")

Good luck with new doc.

oh my this is not my 14th doctor and I hope that I won't have to see 14 drs before I find a decent one. I am going to the doctor on the 14th. she is an old doctor who seemed to be decent before but with all my complaints it is easy for a dr to just want to get rid of me.

thanks os much for your understanding ALLERGIC. If this would have been my 14th dr I wouldn't have felt to bad with your encouraging words. Lets pray this Dr is ok :D

That is NOT how all doctors are these days. My doc is great and goes out of her way to do things for her patients.

Oh, funny, but I've been having dyslexia reading sometimes and typing. I'm so glad you're not on your 14th then. I went through about that many so I wasn't surprised if it were true for you. You'll have to tell us about the doctor after you see him.

No kidding! From what I've read, a LOT of people with fibro have seen 14 or more doctors. Fun, fun!

I'm kinda dyslexic too. Esp. with numbers, and when I'm handwriting stuff. Typing is usually okay, which is weird. Must come from a different part of the brain.