Going Back to work after surgery and in a flare

Hi There,

I have been on leave because I had a hysterectomy. The surgery and healing went fine. But I have been unable to stretch, get a massage, or soak in Epson baths because of the surgery and my body has now stated to flare. I was released to get a massage this week and did, but the lower back could still not be touched. I need to go back to work because I am becoming more and more depressed being stuck at home. I only work part time so it should be OK, I just have to remind myself no to pick stuff up. Are there any suggestions out there on how to get through this or maybe help break the flare cycle that I can do. Any thoughts would be helpful.

I was actually flaring before the massage, normally massage helps me. My ovaries were not removed. But that is a good suggestion about maybe postponing work. :(

I am happy to hear you were able to have a child. I was not so lucky. My whole reproductive system has never worked right and only ever caused pain. At this point in my life I look at it as being blessed not to have a child, only because I know it would difficult dealing with the illnesses and the needs of a child. I taught elementary school for 8 years and worked in day care centers all through college, so I have been able to get touch many children's lives. But it was indeed difficult after the surgery, I didn't realize it would be so emotional but it was indeed. I am trying to take the emotions as they come and deal with them the best that I can. The flaring is slowly going away, with a lot of rest. I only work part time so I am hoping even though I have chosen to return on Monday it will go ok. I think my mental health really needs to be up doing something instead of being stuck in the house. I only got released to drive 5 days ago, so I haven't had much time out of the house. My husband has been great, but he has to work, so getting out of the house prior to this week was sorta out of the question. I need to try and feel normal again (or at least as normal as I can be). I am hoping that now that the pain is finally gone in that area my husband and I can once again become close again. We will see. I am so glad that I found this place to talk and not feel so guilty about sharing.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Well the first day back at work went well. It was nice to feel productive again. I just feel extremely sad for no reason. The flare has settled down some but my hips and shoulders are hurting a lot. I know that weather plays a role in how my body feels and it has felt like it would rain for the past 4 days, I am hoping that is what is causing the pain. I should feel happy not sad and fusrtrated.

I think that what Lovett said makes sense, that you are grieving for a part of you that is now gone. You have every right to feel sad - I would if I were in your place.

I think you will feel better when the rain goes. It's horrid on our poor bodies.

i also think that going back to work part-time will be good for you.

Hugs to you and i hope you feel better soon.