Going crazy with tinnitus

For the past three months I have had constant tinnnitus. It was one of the things that prompted me to go back to my GP. The first Dr I saw (before FM was diagnosed) said that it was just a minor irritation that many people had to deal with and that there was nothing that could be done. I felt that I was being told off for even mentioning it. After FM was diagnosed the GP said that the nerve endings in the ears were just as over stimulated as the rest of my body but still no suggestions for any relief. It is very loud and adds to the poor concentration problem. Does anyone else have this problem and if so have you found anything that helps?

I don't have that problem but don't let a doctor blow it off! Causes of tinnitis can range from plain old ear wax to spinal fluid abnormalities. Medication can sometimes cause it too. Lots and lots of different things can cause tinnitus. If my GP told me it was just a minor irritation, I'd be looking for another GP. Just my opinion.

I have horrible pulsatile tinnitus.

Please see an ear nose and throat doctor because they may be able to help. Mine is not treatable as its due to blood vessel abnormalities. There are hearing aid devices that can mask the sound. Also they will test your hearing and make sure your hearing is okay. I had to have all sorts of tests to rule out other more serious causes.

Thanks for the advice Sunflower. I have an appointment with the GP on Wed to discuss adjusting the dosage of my meds so I will have another go at him them. If nothing else it is certainly adding to my depression.

Oh, saf, your problem sounds so frustrating! I'm sorry that's what's going on with you.

There's an on-line site where people ask doctors questions about their symptoms. I know one of the doctors who used to be on there and she did a good job of helping people with tinnitus. She's no longer on the site but maybe another doctor there could shed some light on this for you:


Good luck!

Dear saf,

My husband has had this since Viet Nam, from all the noise of the weapons and explosives. He went to so many audiologists before he found one who could help him with a state of the art hearing aid that blocks the 'buzzing' and allows him to hear normally.

An ENT may be the way to go here, they will test your hearing, examine your ears, like Sunny said!

Best to you,


Thanks for the advice. Nurse practitioner has checked my ears for any wax buildup and I have now booked an appointment to hear a hearing test. Now that I have started to take some positive action I feel more hopeful. Sorry my first entry was so much of a moan.

That is what this is for, we all have to express the way we are feeling, the problems we face, the questions we have. Honey if we were well, we never would have even looked for this support group! Please feel at home here!

Hope your appointment is promising.



I have tinnitus with vertigo which started to become a real problem earlier this year. the ENT consultant i saw dismissed me rudely and since then the 3 general practitioners i have seen cannot agree on it's cause, however i have been prescribed three medications that have had an impact on both the noise levels and the vertigo. neither have gone completely and the drugs do make me feel even more unwell in other respects but they have made the difference between being able to stand up, walk in a straight line and not want to scream quite so much. betahistine, cinnarizine and stemetil. i hope this helps. :)

I know what you mean. My pulsatile tinnitus keeps me awake at night which makes the fatigue and depression worse.