Good days?

I'm soooo excited. Finally a good day. My legs are working right again and most of the weakness is gone. Does anyone know how to keep it working? I really hate my wheelchair and don't want to get stuck in it again.

Katie, I so wish I did. It hurts me to have to say that I don't. Just enjoy the good ones and have fun on them. They make us value life so much more because we have to live it at such a different pace.

Hope that tomorrow is as good as today is for you! HUGS!!!

thanks, I just hate not being able to do things for myself. My greatest fear in life has always been not being able to take care of myself and it looks like I have to face it now.

I’m so happy you had such a great day. I am taking a self help class, and we are just now being taught to pace ourselves. Basically, we want to stop crashing our bodies by overdoing it. I am new to this concept, and I have not tried it yet. However, I will keep you posted as to how it works and send out the information so others might benefit. I had a walker after falling repeatedly, and never want to use it again. I can understand completely why you don’t want to use a wheelchair!
Take care,

I am so glad that you had a good day.

I know this is corny but some timesGod puts thing in are life to let others give us a helping hand, it is easy for us to give and not look for anything back. some time we have to have a helping hand and a chans for some one to give to us. sorry for the speeling in a fog to day. I know it is hard to let some one do for you, but how do you feel when you help some one. They feel the same way when they help you, give them the chans to have that feeling too. I know you will have many more good days.

Hi Katie!

Nothing like having a good day, so glad that you did, may all of your days be good. Kate, if we were smart enough to tell you how to make a good day last, we would be billionaires!

I'll make a guess though, good weather, good company, something positive to look forward to, being loved and appreciated, good food, those are the makings of a good day to me!

Surely I have forgotten something, but we can't have everything! Hope your good day has extended to a good week!



Hello Katie

Just treasure the good days. Don't make demands of yourself or of God about the future. That is what we people with chronic illnesses learn to do. Celebrate the good days.

Gentle hugs


Keith, your message is not corny at all. I agree with you.

Gentle hugs


Thanks for all the wonderful replies. I guess I have alot to learn about learning to pace myself and enjoy the good days.