Grocery store

Is it just me or is the grocery store trip the worst? More than anything it just wastes me. I am useless for 2 days after a short trip. Granted I live alone and also have to carry in the bags and put them away but it seems to be the thing that brings on the most pain.

Its all the lifting and bending putting stuff in the cart, I threw my back out twice just putting a gallon of milk in my cart, took 2 weeks to get over that. I live with my husband and kids and still have to carry the bags and put them away, seems like the second I get home everyone just disappears.

Noooooooooooo, it's not just you, KVH! I used to go to one about 20 minutes away because it was cheaper. Now I just bite the bullet and go to the close one. And I STILL hate going and keep putting it off and putting it off. I don't care HOW many times I tell the baggers to bag lightly, I always end up with 50 cans stacked in one single-layered bag. And my house is set up off the street by 10 steps so that means hauling all of the bags up the steps. Just not fun AT ALL.

If I didn't like eating so much, I'd ditch going, you know?

It is the utmost pain inducer of all. Someways I’m still in denial thinking this is all in my head. I’ll have a few great days and think “nothing is wrong with me”. I’m crazy. Then I go to the grocery store and I get my reminder the next day for sure.

Thank u for that Petunia Girl. It really is the thing I dread the most. I can lift it all and put it away but I pay dearly the next two days or so. Hate it!

Well, no wonder you hate it if you feel terrible for the next two days! That's one heck of a price to pay simply for picking up the groceries. Are there still any grocery delivery services around, like Pea Pod? used to be they'd deliver your groceries for you. If they still exist, maybe you could look into them. And if you can't afford them every week, maybe every other week or once a month, and put the heavy stuff in with those orders.

Sounds so familiar!

Yep, those nice little reminders, gotta "luv" em.

No. I can do it. Just don’t like the price I pay after. I’m on food assistance because I am unemployed and in the process of a disability claim. (Not counting on a positive outcome). I was only diagnosed by my family doc - MD. I have no insurance either so I don’t really have the liberty of going anywhere else for help. God bless the USA. LOL

Yes, LOL. But the SSDI guidelines just mention getting a doctor to state that you[re disabled. No mention of it being a specialist.

I hope you have a positive outcome. It's not fair to have people in terrible pain being refused help. We CAN'T work with this.

What about a little fold up carriage to help you get the groceries inside?

I just do it. Bite the bullet. When I told my doc I applied for disability on my last visit his response was “why’d you wait so long”, so he seemed to be supportive. But have no idea how great his records are on my case or how much influence or involvement he will have in my claim. I was diagnosed over 3 yrs ago. He almost seemed to be tired of me last visit I had.

It definitely is the worst, I will bribe anyone to go for me. To me it's the whole experience: the stress before, worrying about if I can do it, walking the whole place, pushing the full cart, the heavy things, loading and unloading the car, getting it in the house, putting it away ..... I can't do anything for 2 days afterward.

I tend to put it off until the cupboards are totally bare, which then requires a full-blown shopping trip to Walmart, which REALLY is the worst, $400 later !

Glad u agree Renie. I wait till the last crumb too. Lol.

OMG - Walmart! The WORST place to ever go grocery shopping - HUGE store to limp/drag yourself through, too few cashiers and lines that take 1/ 2 hour to get through, plus no close parking spaces. FLARE FLARE FLARE!!!

Lol petunia. I go to a Kroger right down the street. Walmart is nuts and full of nuts! Always entertaining

Hmm I’ve never heard of peapod. Couldn’t afford it anyhow. Maybe someday. Getting out is good for me mentally so I just deal with it because I have no other choice.

Oh no you need to work on that, if I bring grocery’s home & my son is home he knows !! I guess it did take some training, those guys, you have to teach them everything !!!

I hate grocery shopping, I don’t think we have a grocery store that will deliver groceries, I usually grin & bare it, mainly because I hate when my frig is empty, at times when I just couldn’t go I would make a list for my son to go, only prob he would get Oreos , ice cream, peanut buttercups lol " that wasn’t on the list " had to stop asking him to shop he was turning into a sugerholic.


Hi and yes its hard work doing shopping, lucky I got a amazing partner and family so am very lucky.But people without help I feel for as it must be very hard. xx I try do my best when putting shopping away even though it can be done for me but it makes me feel better in myself helping with jobs

YES !! It CAN be exhausting... so here's my method ( when I'm being smart which isn't often enuf!)

1. Go when it's not busy... earlier in the a.m. or in the evening... night owls... it's great after 7 pm.! or later...\

2. Make a list that flows like the store does; I also have one that I print out on my computer.. and make copies.. then just keep on my fridge. I just check off items as I run out of them. the trick is to remember to take it with you and NOT lose it in the store !!

3. Oh yea.. and I always try to park in the same area so I can remember where my car is!!

4. Depending on your energy... try and only get what you really need... and shop the perimeter of the store.. as much as possible.. ( the processed foods are always in the aisles) THATS the hard part for me.. coz I think..while I"m here I'll stock up.. but then I hate when I get home with 10 bags !!

5. I have them pack all the frozen and refrigerated foods together ( which they should anyway) and I use the cloth bags that are easier to carry - can go over my shoulders.

6. When I'm tired.. I'll just bring in the frozen/refrigerated stuff to put away and then I can bring in the other stuff at my leisure.

My store has the option of buying the insulated Blue bags for cold items.. and the cheaper tan ones for the other stuff. So - bring in the blue... can leave the tan for later!

I also like how they have alot of concentrated products now: so the less water you have to carry -the better!LIke - Concentrated laundry detergents, Bleach tablets ( add your own water), dishwasher tablets, frozen juices etc.

I also try to go to Walmart/Dollar Store on one day/trip. Then the grocery store another day to space it out AND save $$.

Hope this is helpful!

Enjoy the beautiful Fall day!!

Blessings to all !!


I have really had to swallow my pride on the topic of grocery shopping. I send my hubby and adult son who lives at home to do all the shopping…and since there is not one store that has everything, I send them to several…hey I’ve done it for years, now its their turn to help. So when they get back I call the younger kids down to bring the bags in and put them away…no, they dont do it exactly the way i would…but close enough. So it’s up to you, Mom to round them up to help…they have to!