Trip to mall

My daughter came home from college this weekend and wanted to go shopping … I got all ready (a chore in itself) but didn’t want to tell her no so I did my best to bite the bullet and go - thinking a bit of exercise might be good for me. Haha… Within a half hour my hip pain was so awful I could barely walk. She ran all the way to the other side of the mall to get the car and pick me up from where we were. So sad. There has got to be someone out there that understands this condition and can help with our pain. Today’s pain is even worse since the walking yesterday. Not fair! Good news is I got a new outfit but where the hell where I wear it? Somewhere I don’t have to walk to I guess.

Thanks! I bought the outfit for my best friends baby shower today but couldn’t go because I felt awful. I’ll get a good day and find a reason to wear it. Lol. I’ve never done the Epsom salt thing. Does that really help? Daughter is on her way back to school so I’m on my own again. I truly can do anything but I just pay dearly when I do. Just stinks! I’m still in denial I have this. My good days I think maybe I am crazy. Then when it comes back - I know better. Ugh and ouch.

Oh, I can get in on this one! I have taken my granddaughters on grand shopping trips all of their lives, until that last car accident got me. Now I have tried it, and thought the ambulance would have to be called because it can never be just ONE store, and they are never in the same area, and they can never seem to get a baby sitter, no matter which one I take it seems as though there is the baby or another kids in tow. Which only makes everything worse!

When I finally got to my Rheumatologist, his first question was, "can you walk the mall", the tears in my eyes were his answer. I miss it! I miss having the fortitude and the money to do what I use to do for them!

About the new outfit, I know all about that, only go to the grocery store and the Dr and phamacy! Such a life!

I lost about 20 lbs so I want to shop. But shopping doesn’t agree with me anymore I guess. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking I can’t do so many things I used to love to do. Right now I have to go to the corner store and I am just dreading it. It amazes me how this fibro travels. It can be lower back - hips one day. Middle back neck next - hips only another day. So puzzling. Then I’ll get a few mild days and think I’m crazy. Lol.

We sound similar. Totally agree with everything you have said. No one understands except you wonderful people. When I have my good days I think I am crazy. And I feel like a fake. And I think wow - maybe it’s gone! NOT!

Lol. I wish! No.

Don't get me started on the grocery store! lol... that is even worse!

No... not possible... I am getting ready to go... Mustering up the energy. lol..1-2-3.... I'll make it, I always do. Appreciate your suggestions but I live alone so I don't have anyone to help right now.

LOL!! I’m fine. I always manage somehow. When you don’t have the options for someone else to do things for you, you just do it! I’m tough… I’ll be fine.

I made it! Lol. Errand complete.

Yeah. It was just up the street. But what used to be a no brainer is hours of contemplating how I can escape the errand. Lol. Oh the good ol days when I just used to hop in the car and go get what I needed and it was never a thought in my mind.

Sure does. Just nice to know someone gets it! That in itself is a comfort.

Good for you on the 20 lbs, it's tough to loose and ounce and keep it off not being as active as we would be if we didn't have this! Maybe you have your new Christmas or Thanksgiving outfit! Glad you were able to get something new, it's always nice to have a new outfit!

Lol. I will find a place to wear it. I swear. It’s so cool and I look hot!

I think Malls should provide motorized vehicles for use in the Mall. One day I tried one in a Walmart store. Oh what a difference it made!

My pride gets in the way. Not comfortable using one of those. : )

Low carb diet. Works great! I actually think its more like 25-30. Size 6. Yee haw. : )

You’re so right!
When even retail therapy doesn’t work, it does seem hopeless.
We have to cling to the knowledge that many researchers are working on our problem.
Since fibro. was, finally, acknowledged to be more that “just something in your head”; and as costly mistakes and absenteeism rose in the workplace, with corresponding rises in unemployment, disability payments and, most importantly, hits to the insurance industry; there is real impetus to find solutions.

Of course, since fibro. has proven to be so very patient specific, a “cure” is quite probably not in the offing. BUT, we may see, in our own lifetimes, far reaching relief.

Dear KVH, angleonearth’s suggestion of epsom salts baths is a good one.

Hang in there! Remember, your not alone - tho’ it most often feels that way.

Many of the gentlest hugs

KOOL..... I can really relate. I went through a similar situation when I went to the Mall with the Fam' to take my 2 yr old grandson "Trick-or-Treating" for Halloween, I did not want to take my wheelchair so I used my crutches and hurt so much I could not walk around but had to sit down until they were finished, so I did not get to enjoy the festivities per say, but it was good being there. The next day it sucked because I was more stiff than usual and the pain kept me from moving around as much. I also know how devastating it must be not to have someone who can help with our condition and the pain that we feel, and because of this WE may not give up researching the best options for US as individuals and sharing with others what we have learned in hopes that it may help someone else or lead them in the direction in finding what is best for them. Everything we go through is all about Process of Elimination and Never Giving up HOPE.

It appears the new outfit made it worth the trip and the pain, because now the Memory will be about your daughter coming to visit, going to the Mall and getting a new outfit.

Words of Wisdom: Don't think about the Negatives, Ponder the Positives because it will be those thoughts that will not worry about where you will not have to walk to wear your new outfit but where you will wear your new outfit with your head held high and a smile on your face, grinning ear to ear, with a glow surrounding you, even if you walk with a cane, crutches or are in a wheelchair; honey you will be the energy of any room you step foot in........ And it all is formed on the way you think!!!

I agree KVH, even when I broke my leg, I refused to use a scooter. I either used my crutches, or didn't go. So stupid. We always see people on them with "invisible illnesses", and I had a full cast, so I had a visible reason, but still afraid of being judged. I only ended up hurting myself !