Baby Shower

Hi all, First let me say I did it me wow I did it went to wal mart the other day with my husband was all ready hurting both hips saw a cane had heard about using a cane so I thought what the hey give it a try and it did help took a good while but I was able to look around some husban just keep saying take your time Iknew I was driving him crazy talking so long to get to where I was going but he just keep saying its all good,Thank God for a understanding husband,and yes I brought the cane.But now on Thur my daugther wants me to go with her to shop for the baby shower for her sister will not try to walk thur store with her I am going to call and tell her if you want me to go you will have to pushed me in a wheelchair, if not I will stay home. So I now know that with the cane and the help of my husband to get a wheel chain when I need it I can get out more if now . Is it ok to tell my daugther about the use of the wheel chair or should I just stay home Hugs to all

I missed my best friends daughters baby shower yesterday because the day before I mustered up the courage to go to the mall with my daughter and did get an outfit but I am in miserable pain since that half hour mall trip. I text my friend to apologize that i couldn’t be there but she never responded so now I think she is mad at me. : (

I’ve been having really bad anxiety attacks too so I just couldn’t go. Feeling guilty.

KVH, please don’t feel guilty, no one really understands unless they have walked in your shoes. If your best friend don’t understand I have to wonder if she should be considered a best friend, I have lost friends because of having to say no I can’t go… It’s so frustrating… Also for me if I have a special function I do not do or plan anything the day before and the day after, kinda hard for others to understand, last week I had plans on fri with my sister- in- law, we had these plans for over a month, the day before my cousin asked me to go out with her to have dinner with a group of friends, first I said no I can’t , she really wanted me to go, so I pushed my self on thurs to go to dinner with her & friends, and then fri went with my sister- in- law, sat, sun, & today I was hurting so bad, so tired and now feeling depressed because I just can’t do everything I would like to.
Don’t feel guilty !! You didn’t choose to hurt the way you did the day of the shower, sometimes we just can’t push no matter how much we want to.
Hugs for better days

Bet, I would start by telling your daughter you would love nothing more than to go shop with her for a baby gift, but just explain the pain you suffered even with the cane, is there a mall or store that has a motorized cart ? Ask her if she can find out, mention the wheelchair and see what she says, I think it’s fine but that’s bec I know my daughter would understand. If you don’t think she will understand, try and explain it & see how it goes.
Hugs & blessings

i think it's perfectly ok to request that she push you in the wheelchair. I'd do it for my mom. And you are disabled from fibro. And heck, if that gets you to the store with her, then that's a big bonus. Also, you're right, using your cane and a wheelchair will give you more freedom. You'll enjoy it.

Have fun shopping for the baby!

Hello Bet,

You are most fortunate to have such a patient and understanding man! Hang on to him, girl!

Glad to know you are learning your limitations. I know when I had to go for the stress test in a huge medical facility, I had no problem asking for a wheel chair when I got worn out, next time there I'll start with one!

I am glad you are getting out and glad you are telling your children how you will need to travel! Good for you!

So nice to hear from you, hope you are getting some relief!

Wishing you well,


How are you Bet? How did you feel after the Walmart trip, or are you still recovering?

We spend far too much time recovering!