Happy weekend everyone :)

Hi I'm new here, just thought I'd wish everyone a nice weekend, relaxing, and happy too. :) And does any one have any special weekend plans?

Oh my goodness, such a CUTE picture of sleeping kitties! But they're making me feel so sleeeeeeepy!

Thanks for your nice message! And welcome to our site!

I'm going to a birthday party this weekend. Hoping to feel up to it! How about you? Any special plans or people on your agenda?

I'm getting my hair cut and colored in the morning. Other than that, just lots of housecleaning.

Hope you enjoy your birthday party!! Whose party is it? And thanks!! I love my sleepy kittens too! Although I admit it does make me feel sleepy as well.. ;D

For my plans, last Saturday I got engaged so my parents are planning a party for our engagement tomorrow evening. :)) I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for welcoming me on the site. :D

Oh sounds good! I gotta cut my hair too, it's getting way too long and heavy actually. :O Enjoy your weekend and thanks for the reply Liz, nice to meet you. :))

Congratulations on your engagment, Kiwi! That's a big step forward in life. I hope your party is wonderful. But of course it will be, because your fiance will be there! That's all that really matters, isn't it?

Thanks Petunia!! Oh yes, nothing can ruin it tomorrow, how could it hihi? :)) It's just a small party with all the people I love most, especially my dearest fiance. <3

Dear Kiwi,

Welcome to the group, so nice to have you with us!

Just look at these three lucky little kitty cats! LOL! I'll have to tell Renie to check them out, she loves her Cats! I dont' know how you got them all to stay put, but these are some great photos! I am sure they bring you much happiness.

No, no weekend plans here, just rest. I do hope that you are up to having a great weekend and are out enjoying as much of your young life as you can!



No plans, which is kind of sad being this close to the end of summer. Maybe something will turn up to do ... How about you? Any plans?

That picture is adorable !!

Happy Weekend to you too !




That is awesome !

Have a WONDERFUL time at your engagement party !!

Extra Hugs for you and your fiance!

Hi SK!

Thanks for the kind welcome!! :))

I love cats, I have one of my own, but that's not my picture. I found it on a site that has a lot of cute pictures! :) Just resting sounds like a SUPER plan for the weekend, that's my favorite kind of weekend. ;D I will definitely enjoy my weekend! I have a engagement party with my family today. :)



AWWWW <3 LOVE that pic!! Thanks for posting!! :) I think I'm gonna put it on my facebook, it's too cute. :)

And thanks Renie!! :D

I'm so excited for my party this evening!! :D Hugs to you too, have a wonderful weekend too. With plans or without, may it be a happy one!! :)

Well i work all weekend and am preparing for classes to start on Monday BUT I am actually excited for fall semester so I am looking forward to classes starting esp since I starting a new major.

Good luck with classes, Mo! They're a blast when you're studying something you really like.

HI and welcome, congrats on your engagement, and have fun at your party.

I've had a saturday at home resting in my new toy... I got a massage chair that reclines, it's heaven to sit on, but tomorrow I'm off to the singapore botanical Gardens (they just opened a new one) I love flowers even though I'm a useless gardener ha ha. Just a short walk and then sit for a bit while my husband and daughter walk round a bit longer and then find a nice cafe for lunch.

have a lovely time everyone xoxo

Nice, what major will you be starting? :) Have a great weekend!

Hi thank you! :D

I'm about to leave now, but I wanted to tell you enjoy your massage chair, that sounds terrific. :) I'd love to have one someday! I love flowers as well but I don't have much of a green thumb. I'm better at taking their pictures. :) Have a lovely weekend too, enjoy the botanical gardens !!

I'm starting Administrative Assistant and Software Support Specialist. . . .I'm excited cause my other majors course work applies to this one greatly so I only have 2 semesters left!!

Dear Kiwi,

Hope your party is a wonderful time for you with your loved ones, wishing you much happiness and good health!