Thank you all for the birthday wishes

Hubby came home early, my daughter cleaned the kitchen, and fed the animals. Although this week was rough, my children were helpful and encouraging while hubby working. I am blessed that They have helped me to learn not to be stressed by what I am unable to do, but they help me to do the things I enjoy. Hubby likes to bring me gifts to help me out. Like I got this big awesome electric pressure cooker; beans for the family in 35 min, shredded beef in 50 min. That makes cooking so much easier. When I do not feel like it, he or the children do. I hope that all of you get to feeling better, get rest, and find some good things to enjoy. Right now for me it is watching my crazy animals and TV
God bless always

Hi mamaplums! Sounds like things are pretty good with you! I mean as good as it gets. Seems as though you are into the adjustment/acceptance stage of this. I think it helps to get past being franitic all of the time, that only makes if worse anyway!

So glad you have such awesome husband and kids, animals too!

Hope your birthday's a very special one! Good to hear from you!


Yeah for your fam! And happy birthday.

Thanks again! It is funny how my pets know when to be extra gentle. Last year I had surgery, and when I came home, I was tired and cold. When I woke up, the cats were on my feet, and my little dog was on the opposite side of my surgical site! Normally they all pile up on my lap, but they avoided hurting me while offering their comforting love!
God bless always!

Happy belated birthday, sounds like You had a blessed day ! Such a positive attitude ! & wow shredded beef in 50 min, I need one of those pressure cookers , it’s going on my wish list for Christmas, lol
Oh now I’m hungry, what the heck
Hugs & blessings