Hearing with judge

Hello, I finally got a hearing date on August 9th for my disability. I was denied when I first applied. I do have an attorney but I was wondering if anyone can give me some ideas on what I should expect. Also, if anyone can give a few tips, I would appreciate it. Best regards to everyone.

Haven't done it myself but good luck, Dee!!! Hope you get it.

I went before a judge and he or she will look at your case and basically right there determine if you are eligible. The whole thing will take less than twenty mins unless for some reason it'll take longer. If you have been actively working they may deny you but thats a big if yet something to look out for. I also went here in MN so things may be different with how a judge proceeds where you are. I hope they give it to you. I have been denied 5 times andonce with a lawyer because I actively work while being disabled and to them that shows them that I am not disabled.

Good luck to you!