Hi everyone,

I had my disability hearing this morning and the judge approved me on the spot!! I am so happy and relieved! Thank God I had a good attorney and a great judge. It was a long road and very stressful however I am now happy that its over. Don't give up and keep the good fight!!

Linda, that is terrific news for you! Congratulations!


I had my hearing a little over a month ago. It was stressful since I am 62 and the judge asked why did I apply if I can collect regular social security. I was advised by my attorney that it is best toget the Disabilty if I can. I have medical insurance that is super reasonable and a small pension from being an educator in Michigan. I did get my award in the mail shortly after the hearing. I checked my savings and they had already paid me my back pay minus the attorney fee.

I was told that in Michigan they never award at hearing. I figure maybe each sate it is different.

I am so happy for you and to have this behind you.

Congratulations! The rough road is behind you. Now relax and do some yoga to relieve the leftover stress maybe??

I am so happy for you, Linda. This judgement should greatly reduce your stress & help you to focus on your health.
HUGS from Deb

excellent!!! yay