Heavy head with neck pain/weakness?

Hello all…

Woke up this morning and have struggled with holding my head up for any length of time. It’s just uncomfortable, I don’t look like a newborn or anything. I developed a headache at the base of my head late in the evening. Really tired today, but didn’t sleep.

Anyone else experience this? My husband is looking at me like I’m nuts!



I get bad neck pain followed by a headache, and it's right at the base of my skull. For me, it's not so much that I can't hold my head up, and I don't have weakness with it... it just hurts so much it feels like I need to lay down and give my neck a break. Lol.

Usually Ibuprofen will back off the headache. If not, or if the neck pain continues, I'll take a muscle relaxant at bedtime.


Hi Leslie - yes, for the past few weeks, off and on, I have found that sometimes when I lift my head up off the pillow, it feels really heavy and I have difficulty holding it up. I will see my doctor soon and ask her what might be going on. I will let you know what she thinks. I am also prone to Migraines, which I developed about 5 months after I was diagnosed with Fibro 20 years ago. Laurie