Feeling weak and light headed

So I’ve been experiencing these annoying symptom, I was wondering if many of you have fel it, if it has something to do with my Fibro or something I should watch out for. I’ve mentioned it before to my doc but she just always seems to by pass it.

Feeling very weak and shakey:

  • like I dont have the strength to lift my limbs, or like there’s weights on them.
    *can barely lift lite things like a water glass
  • being so weak that when I walk I have to go very very slowly and have a hand on something
  • comes on suddenly, don’t feel this way all the time,maybe 2-3 times in 3-4 days. ranges from 20-mins to 4 hours
    *somtimes there’s dizziness and lost of apatite
    *not directly associated with pain, just weakness
  • seems to happen a lot after I’ve had a lay down or nap, but lasts a long time after the normal"stood up to fast" shakiness
  • most times I have a pressure headache, light headed or ah…fogginess?

Things i’ve tried :
*drinking lots of water ( maybe dehydration) I try and keep up on my water intake and when one of these spells hits me, I try to drink (sips/ slow drinking) and it doesn’t seem to help

  • eating food, even though most of the time when this is all going down, I’m not in the mood at all for food but it some times does help and i feel mostly strong again but the in an hour or so the feeling comes back.
  • I’m not particularly active I could be more so,but even on the days where I do take a walk, or hike in the woods it still happens some times.
    *along with the food comment, I eat mostly organic, veggies, fruits, I eat meat, bread all the good stuff, I don’t eat highly processed foods,MSG, any caffeine.
  • sleep, sometimes it gets worse if I try and sleep it off

Now I’m not as healthy as I’d like too be, none of us with fibro are, but if you guys have felt this or have some ideas that can help, I’m 22 and just want to live… The pain I can almost always deal with because it constant but this weakness and feeling like I can’t stand on my own to feet makes me feel helpless, and that a feelIng I will never be able to get uses too…
Thanks my friends.

i am not sure but i dont think your fibro is causing this. i would have your dr do some basic bllod work and a head ct to rule any neuro problems. i know that your dr seems to b ignoring these symptoms but they shouldnt b ignored. if u cant get your dr to help go to another. u need to figure out whats causing all these symptoms and blood work and a head ct would b where i would start. i hope u can get some answers soon.

I get the same thing. I think it is related to the fibro and have heard it called "fibro fog". I have it every couple of days, but sometimes there are periods of about a week where it doesn't show up at all. Every time it comes on suddenly. I could be out for a walk with my dogs or something similar and feel like I have to focus every energy into "just one more step" or think I will pass out.

At first I thought it may be some form of sugar problem but that was ruled out by the doctors (in fact it was slightly on the high side), but if you want to rule this out then buy/borrow a glucose monitor and when you get symptomatic do a finger prick and test the blood.

Another thing I find with it is that it gets incredibly hard to focus on anything and seeing hurts my eyes.

I am sorry to say that energy tablets, sleep, food, water or anything else I have tried has not made any difference. I think that it may just be part of the fibro. If I find anything at all that helps you will be the first person I tell so you can try it too.

Mike x

Yes, I've had these symptoms, but usually from over-exertion the day before. I associate them with chronic fatigue type symptoms. I agree that you might want to go to the doctor and get your B12 and iron checked out, among other things, because that could contribute to those symptoms. Another possibility might be adrenal fatigue. I'm not sure if you're into naturopathic medicine, but there's a diet and supplements for it. You can search for some reputable sites to give you more information. Here's one: http://www.adrenalfatigue.org/program-for-adrenal-fatigue-stress

Best of luck getting help!

yes it can have something to do with Fibro.. but mostly a little symptom Fibro can have thats called Hypoglycemia it sounds like.. ive had that for going on 6 yrs now and I jsut now have been diagnosed with Fibro and i found out that its a symptom some people get with Fibro.. go to your doc and ask her to check your blood sugar after fasting or which ever she decides.

Yes, I have the weak and shaky feeling quite often. I always have to walk slow and take my time. I cannot open jars or bottles without trying to twist for a very long time..I get dizzy a lot more now, however I think the dizziness is from over working myself and poor eating habits when I work and go to school.

this all could be over-exertion ans with out already weakened bodies from fibro, it all just builds up. . .

Hey Celtic Fire,

How are you feeling today? Lots of good advice and ideas for you and your Doctor!

Hope you are better today!


I’m starting to feel a lot better, I still get them from time to time but I feel that if I head them off by eating it helps… Thank you guys for all the support and ideas of what it could be!!! My doc and I have briefly talked about it again but we are busy trying to get rid of a HUGE swallen lymph node in my arm pit that just won’t go away, so after that’s all good again then we will focus on the spells again. Thanks

OOh I get those as well. My haematologist usually sends me for a scan, and sods law, by the next time I see them it has shrunk. Wonder if it is to do with the fibro or something else. Mikex


I had very similar issues to what you have described above- the doctor said it was adrenal fatigue. I took supplements for several months and now I am feeling better. I also used a product called EmergenC.

I have always had sensitive lymph nodes that become enlarged very easily. I have never gotten a answer as to why this happens.




Adrenal supplement:


Most health food stores offer a resident nutritionalist or some type of 'guru' to help you eat best for what ails you. Your Doctor is also a great source of positive information on the subject of the best diet for your issues.

Be well, be happy,