Hello from New Zealand. Think this could be FM?

Although I’m 74 year of age I automatically expected to be in good health for years to come due partly to being fairly active and eating a reasonable healthy amount of the right foods.
I retired from full time work at the age of 66, shortly after that I was diagnosed with PMR and placed one 40mg of Prednisone reducing the amount by 1mg per month. That worked fine for a few years, then a flare up when I down to 4mgs and back up went the Prednisone, and I felt 25 years younger once again. during these years I have been under the care of a Neurologist, three in fact since I’ve moved location and I had to register under different hospital Districts.
Everything was going fairly well until I got down to 5mg in June of 2018 and woke up one morning with a swollen leg, two wrist that were in pain, swollen hand, could not lift my arms very high plus one ankle pain. After seeing the first doctor in the first week who did nothing and suggested nothing, fortunately my three monthly appointments with the neurologist was the next week, he immediately ordered a CT scan, the scan revealed a large 24cm by 5 cm pool of blood lodged behind my knee, although not proven it was thought to a ruptured bakers cist, it took three and a half months for the swelling to reduce. The weird thing was not one of the two doctors or the two specialist shown any interest in the other pain areas that happened on the same night.
I work as a reliving chef for three hospices north of Auckland NZ the job often involves standing for hours at a time, ten days ago I worked three days 7.30 to 5.30 pm one day off and back again, only this time I could not make it, I was in chronic pain, went to the doctor who ordered a number of blood test. This particular doctor knew all about fibromyalgia which I was somewhat surprised having only recently signed up at her practice, she is from the Middle East seems very knowable on the subject , She has prescribed 100mg of Celecoxib and 100mg Norflex plus continuing reducing the Prednisone. After 48hours I was able to lift myself out of a chair, had no pain in the wrist or ankle, one arm still not right but I’m sure it will clear in a day or two.
My problem has not been confirmed as Fibromyalgia I’m still regarded as PMR patient.
My heart goes out to all those of you who suffer from this disease, wish you all the very best of good health.

Mike from Auckland, welcome to the community. You haven’t had any responses to your post, so let’s see if we can get any members to come up with a few ideas for you.

I’m going to make your subject line a bit more specific. Let’s see what happens after that, OK?

How are you feeling this week?

Seenie from ModSupport

See if your boss will let you have a bar stool with a back on it so you aren’t standing all of the time. I use one when I am cooking at home & my daughter has one at her house. It can be cleaned with a bleach & water combination or rubbing alcohol. I am sorry but I don’t know what a PMR is & I am not sure about your Meds either. I am on Savella 50mg, 2Xday. Have you asked your medical doctor if she thinks you may have Fibro?
Love, Light & Peace. Maggi.

Hi, Thanks for the advice, i did in fact use a stool on one occasion. PMR stands for Polymyalgia rheumatica. The symptoms of PMR can be similar to those of certain other medical conditions including [rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia} My current doctor did mention fibromyalgia, how ever it’s still unclear, test are ongoing.
Kind thoughts