I’m Jen I’m 33 and married with a disabled son who is almost eight. I was diagnosed this year with fibromyalgia and have a mental health condition too which has proves difficult regarding medication as nothing has helped the pain and loads affect my mental health adversely so I’m stuck with no meds in pain!

I’m a chicken and haven’t posted before so be gentle with me I’m new and only using forum on my phone lol

Hello Jen,

It's so nice to hear from you, I'm very glad you posted this discussion. Just so you know that you have many options, here is a link to a list of all the most commonly used drugs for Fibromyalgia!


I take Lyrica for the nerve pain, Daypro for joint and bone pain, those are my two major meds, though I also have Ethyl Chloride spray that allows me to ride in a car, it numbs my lower back. I also have Morphine when the pain is unbearable, I also take good vitamins and minerals.

Hope this helps and that you can find some relief very soon!

Sending a big hug,


Hello Jen,

A big gentle welcome to you.

I too have a history of mental health problems, mainly anxiety, mild OCD!!! and PTSD.

Are you on anything for your mental health condition? I take Venlafaxine, for 2 years now and it's really helped, I had terrible side effects with a lot f them but this one suits me.

I just take paracetamol and Ibuprofen 400mg for my pains, I find anything stronger like codeine etc makes me feel a bit hyper and I get jittery and this causes my anxiety to kick in, so I avoid it, which is a shame really as I sometimes could do with something a bit stronger at times!

Keep posting!!

Love Lucy xx

Thanks I will have a look, I’ve been tried on quite a list so far and others make me I’ll mentally or they won’t give me as I am “high suicide risk” and might take the lot!! Will take list to gp though and ask if any he will try! Thanks x

The psychiatrist is having the same issues with my bipolar meds as the gp is having with my pain meds everything doesn’t work or makes me worse!!! Typical eh!

Hey dude! I'm stuck with no meds too...Long story. Anyway, I found three things that help at least a little bit...1) USANA vitamins (expensive but good stuff), 2) YOGA. I power hate it but it makes me feel better, calmer, allows me to move better. 3) This stuff called Arnica Montana...It's an herbal thing or whatever but it helps some with the minor pains.

Anyway, I hope that helps you. Everyone is different, but I thought I'd spread that out there in case it helps you too. I feel the pain. I hope you feel better!!!

Hi Jen

Have you checked to see if there is an herbal store in your area? I take a lot of warm baths and try and pace myself. Hang in there hopefully your doctor can find something soon.