I'm new to this site and I just love it so far. I have been struggling with my condition for years alone. I found a wonderful story on here last night that was titled "My Wife Has Fibromyalgia" I gave it to my husband to read which he says he did but then never made a comment. When I asked him he only stated that he doesn't retain or comprehend what he reads. That just tells me I am still alone.

I wanted to know if anyone could tell me what medications they take for their fibro. I take Cymbalta, Sulindac and Lasix.

I have lupus so my meds are a little different I took Cymbalta for awile and it was great. Now I take Xanax twice a day as needed and meloxicam as needed. Every day I take symbicort for asma then for lupus and fibro I take amitriptyline flexeril ,lyrica,requip ,and plaquinill my spelling is horrible today. And vit D once a week. You are not alone.

Hi Gigi,

in the past I was on Tramadol for the chronic pain, and 750 Hydrocodones, then moved up to the 10 Hydrocodones, Cymbalta, Flexeril, amitryptaline, nortryptaline, and then after being hit by a semi truck we moved up to 50mcgh fentanyl patches and 20mg's of oxycodone 3 times a day. Then moved to 75mcgh fentanyl every 48 hrs and the same oxycodone. This has been my ultimate lifesaver. my doctor truly has.

Good Luck Gigi

After a long road of finding the right doctor (pain doc), I am finally able to function on Lyrica, clonazapam and I have just been changed from Vicodin to Dilaudid (changed meds because doc did a DNA test on me and said the Vicodin won't work for me). I can finally function after a year and a half of severe pain. Good luck!

I was on Lyrica for about 4 years and gained about 50 pounds. Yes maybe all of the weight gain was not from Lyrica but I wanted to be moved to a different medication. At the time my Rhumetologist would not change my meds so I switched doctors. My current doctor & PA is great but reading all of the information on this site has made me realize I am in more pain than I was telling my doctor about and alot more issues. I would allways tell them that I was doing great because I thought I was over exagerating. I'm so happy I have found you guys!!