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Hi I have been reading through a lot of discussions and read a lot regarding weight gain and I was wondering if the treatment you was receiving was anything to do with steroids if so I was wondering is there anything else apart from steroids because I had ulcerative colitis and the treatment was high dosage of steroids which caused me to have very bad osteoporosis so i wanted to if there was anything else apart from steroids that I could be prescribe thank you for taking the time to read this

Hello James,

I am not a Doctor, but this confirms that it is usually treated as an autoimmune dsease

For as long as you have suffered this disease, I cannot understand why you have not been treated with a biologic, these are disease modifying drugs, that slow the progression of the disease. They have been proven very effective for Crohns Disease. I take an Enbrel shot twice weekly to slow the progression of Psoriatic Arthritis, it is working!

I hope this is helpful to you.

Wishing you well,


I live in the uk do you know if this treatment is available here also thank you for the links they are very helpful is the treatment for fibro steroids if so is there any other meds that would help me

I'm not an expert on your health system, but I do know they are stingy with the biologics, in countries where socialized medicine is your only option, unless you are wealthy. You may really need to push them on this idea of biologics, but they have treated you with steroids to the point where it is unsafe to continue them, in my non-medical professional opinion.

The last time I checked, in the US, one 50 mg autoshot of Enbrel was priced at $1,500-$1,800 per shot, the autoshot is taken weekly.

Are they treating you with Fosamax for the Osteoperosis?

I was recently diagnosed with Osteopenia, I do not tolerate steroids well, so it is not the cause, I had a total hysterectomy at a young age, before the hormone replacement patches, and the pills made me terribly sick. This lack of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and a hereditary factor caused mine in spite of taking Pharmaceutical grade calcium citrate vitamins.

I will be starting Fosamax as soon as it arrives in the mail. I have been told by my Internist and Rheumatologist that 5 years is the maximum treatment for this drug. Then they look at meds like Prolia.

I have seen an osteoporosis specialist and he says due to my young age there is nothing he can do there is no treatment available for me I have recently had a bone density scan it came back that I have the bone age of a 80 year old and have been given a life expectancy of 10 years so with what he say I just have to get on with things lol

Perhaps you could ask about Fosamax, see what his response is.

Do you take cal citrate/magnesium supplements? Hoping the answer is yes.

My Chiropractor is where I get my vitamins, they know vitamins like a General Practitioner knows meds. Here is what I take for my bones and muscles. I know they are also available on Amazon.

I would think that your young age would be all the more reason to treat the Osteoperosis, call me the optimist!

I'm to take 2 in am, 2 in pm of the cal/mag vitamins, however you should check with your Dr before adding any supplement, make sure they will mix with your current meds.

I do take a calcium supplement but they dont work my bones arr deteriorating at 5 years to 1 I have basically been told there is nothing they can do so just cope with it I have 3 crushed vertebrae including sclerosis of the spine so mixed with firbo and chronic pain syndrome I rely heavily on pain meds and nothing else and none seems to work only person I see for my problems is my general practitioner just for my meds no one is willing to help me it seems like they have just brushed me off and sent me home to die I dont think they understand the amount of pain and suffering am going frew they dont seem to care

James, don't let them brush you off, please? I know you are a gentleman, however, sometimes you have to really take a stand and advocate for yourself. As to the calcium, make sure it's the 'citrate'. Our member and nurse, Allergic said she had a friend who used AlgaeCal for a year and reversed Osteoperosis, so there is HOPE! That may be what my next bottle is!

Thanks for the help and advice and thanks for listening am sorry that you had to listen to my little rant lol I have found this support group brilliant and have felt alone for all these years and now I am able to talk to people who are going through the same which is very unfortunate but having people like yourself is reassuring that am not alone thanks for your help and thanks for listening it has really helped me and I fell like I can get the help I need I think that if you dont know what treatment is available that being in the uk they give you the cheapest option now that I can go with some names of treatments I might be able to get what I need if not then its time to switch gps thanks again for your help

You are welcome, hopefully some of the nurses will also respond to this, and help guide you to better health. I've learned a lot on my personal journey, and I have learned so much here, made such good friends. It really does make a difference having others in the same situation to talk to!

The more you research, the more you know, and the better you can advocate for the treatment, that you deserve!

You have every reason to rant, though, I don't think that you did, I think you were just reaching out!

You're not alone anymore, James, this site is open 24/7, and we are glad that you are here with us!

So sorry to hear about the Sclerosis, and the crushed vertebrae, you must have pain beyond belief! My heart goes out to you! I hope that you are being treated for this.

I get treated for none of my illnesses all I get moderate pain killers and thats all

Have you ever heard the expression 'time to take the bull by the horns'?

Yes everytime I say I need something more or I need some help I get the same response ‘there is nothing I can do’ Its like am fighting a losing battle

I think you may be on the right train of thought to change Doctors. When they tell you this, it's time to move on. Just my experience and opinion, James. It took me 7 years to get a complete diagnosis, so I dealt with taking on many a bull!

Here is something my Rheumatologist gave me for the pain of riding in the car. I have moderate to severe joint damage in my SI joints, so he started having his nurse spray me with this for the return trip. It's an anesthetic, so I said to him that it was too bad it wasn't available as a prescription, he replied "Oh, but it is"! BINGO!

I can not use it often, and he would only give it to me if someone who lived with me was along. Thankfully my Mom, who now lives with us was called back and shown how to spray me. Just be aware that the kids are 'huffing it', so don't advertise it if you get it.

I do not trust any steroids! My doctor gives me a medication for severe allergies (pollen) and it is nothing but a steroid. A close medical friend of my Rhuematologist told my doctor to give me this certain ointment (the name is very long) to help me with funny red does and splotches on my upper hands. When I picked up the prescription it was a steroid, Cortisone. I am afraid to ask any doctors for prescriptions. Is this a new trend for doctors?


Hi jak im unsure if its a new trend but when I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis the treatment was a high dosage of steroids but then the steroid treatment gave me osteoporosis so im very wary of steroids im sorry I dont have the answer you are looking for but you have come to the right place people on here are kind and have alot of answers to questions we have so someone will see this and hopefully give you and answer

Thank you sk for taking the time to reply to me you have been very helpful and I am grateful for all the info you have gave me i will defo be asking my dr for a few of these meds thanks again for taking the time to give me the advice