I’m confused as ever about things that are going on with my health, maybe i can get your thoughts on the matter
my knee is giving me fits something awful…it pops so loud & when it pops it hurts BAD…well doctors here in galion said there was absolutely
nothing they could do for me until i needed knee replacement…well my family physcian sent me to another dr. in columbus(a neuro surgeon)
that said he could go in and clean up the area and it may possibly help BUT it may NOT…i have already had this procedure done once. My mother does not feel good about me doing it again because of arthritis setting in, but like i said my joints already hurt really bad from having fibromyalgia then the popping on top of it just makes it hurt that much more. So what do you think??

I have something very similar in various joints including my knees. I wish I could stop and bend my knee or elbow before it pops but it usually happens too fast. I feel it kinda grab or get tight just before it pops. I have stopped short of straightening it out and then bend it again. It doesn’t pop when I do that.

My elbow does it more than my knee or maybe it just hurts more in the elbow. I think it is part of my hypermobility. Do you have that? That is hard on the joints and is very often connected to fibro.

I am having trouble with my knees also. My dr gave me a brace to wear, it helps some, but right now anything is better than nothing at all. My knee pops and almost drops me with the pain. Also if my knee is bent, I have major pain straightning it out. if anything do as I did, I went to Walmart and got an extra knee brace. Hope this helps, keep us informed.

I have this problem too. I didn’t know that joint pain went along with FM. I thought I had osteoarthritis in ALL my joints. FM makes more sense. My knees ache all the time. My wrist has been killing me too. I have a brace for it but it itches and cuts into the side of my hand. I haven’t found anything that stops it yet but at least I now know that I’m not alone and that joints can hurt too!