Anyone else getting lumps on knees & inside of elbow?

As my FM worsens, I now have quite large lumps on both knees which thankfully isn't painful..(yet ?) but the lumps on the inside of my elbows are very sore and tender. I've asked my Dr. about these lumps and he doesn't know why I am getting them OR how to treat them. In particular..the ones on the inner arms/elbows look & feel like there is something in the lumps.

Am I the only one who has this problem?


No, I haven't experienced anything like you describe, although I do get swelling in the joints. If your doctor doesn't know, you might want to see another doctor about them. Did you see a specialist of some kind? I sure would want to find out if it is fibro related or possibly something else going on in your body.


I haven't had these. Are they bony lumps? Liquid lumps? Fatty lumps? Rheumatoid arthritis can cause bony type bumps on the outside of the elbow area, but this doesn't sound like what you're experiencing. I get painless fatty lumps outside and above the elbows and on the mid thighs. Still doesn't sound like what you're talking about.

I think allergic is right and a visit to the doctor is in order.

I have a lump on my right thigh which is painful. It has grown over the past few years. I have asked several doctors and they say it’s nothing to worry about. I believe it’s called a lipoma. I don’t know quite how to describe it.

The lumps on my knees are like hard fatty lumps I would say BUT on the inside of my arms...the lumps appear to be full of fluid. I asked my Dr. to withdraw some of the fluid to find out what it is BUT he declined saying 'doing that could cause an infection'. Some days they appear to be bigger/fuller and actually makes my arms look deformed. I wear long sleeves now b/c someone made a comment about how odd my arms are starting to look.!!

I ask my Dr. to refer me to a specialist since he didn't know what my lumps are all about...but he 'apparently' doesn't know what KIND of specialist to refer me to. I suggested a Rheumatologist and was told it has nothing to do with that kind of specialist. Although he doesn't know what the lumps are...he is strongly suggesting that it's part and parcel of the Fibromyalgia.

That's why I ask if any other Fibro sufferers have this issue going on. If it's not..I really want to know WHAT ELSE is going on. Good Grief.....enough already I say.

I just looked up Lipoma on net and saw the pictures....some are really huge.

That isn't what my lumps look like.

Did I post this question on the correct site? I don't know how to start a new subject....duh !!

My dear friend Geranium,

It may be time to see a dermatologist! When it comes to the skin, they are the masters, often they are the ones who diagnosis psoriatic arthritis! But there are no lumps with that. I have small lumps over my ribcage, meant to ask the DC about those today, but between the discussion of the Spinal Stimulator, pain neutralization, and the Enbrel, there was no more time.

Now you know that I am no Doctor, but I am thinking mine could some mixed connective tissue disease.

Sorry I can't be more help, but if I run across it again, I will surely send or e-mail info on it!

Wishing you the best,


hmm...that's a thought and will look into it.

I have those lumps you speak of under both arms on the ribcage area....very tender when touched. Dr. sent me for a mammo~~ but he things they are swollen lymph glands caused by the Fibro. Haven't go mammo~~ results back yet.

No wonder you run out of time...had a lot going on. Is the spinal stimulator a TENS unit? I have a compact one that I occasionally use WHEN I can reach far enough behind to attach the stim pads to my back.

Like SK said, a dermatologist might be in order. I would still see a rheumatologist also, just to be sure. Each will do different lab testing and something might show up. If you get nowhere with that, then I would see a naturopathic physician. They will check things that the regular doctors don't check, very different types of lab testing.

This is the one thing that we all must be careful about and that is "don't let doctors lump every single symptoms you have into the fibromyalgia diagnosis" otherwise you will run the risk of missing a critical diagnosis that has absolutely nothing to do with fibromyalgia. Best to be safe than sorry.


Hey there- I’m going to google lipoma now. You can’t really see the lump on my leg and you have to feel around for it. It feels like an oval shaped mass of tissue.

You might want to google Dercums disease. There are overlapping symptoms with fibro such as pain, sleep issues, and brain fog.

I truly think MY Dr. thinks all my complaints (not many) are related to the Fibro and it indeed makes me nervous of having something critical being ignored.

I'm going to insist on seeing a rheumatologist.....but of course where I live it will most likely take a year!!!! Is Homeopathic & Naturopathic Dr.'s the same?

I bet you'll look at the pics of Lipoma on net and decide that is NOT what u have.

Let me know....yes?

Yes it doesn’t look like what I have at all.

No, homeopathic doctors only use homeopathy specifically to treat. Naturopathic doctors use homeopathy plus many more natural methods to treat, a much broader sepctrum of methods.

Here is an article that may help you to see the difference.


They can explain it better than I, but it is not the same, it mixes pain signals so you feel a tingle rather than pain, it hooks to the nerve root. I am beginning to explore the possibilities.

Hope you can get this taken care of.


This sounds like great advice!

Are those fatty lumps? I have those too and they're harmless.

Careful, I resemble that question, Petunia! As in 'fatty lump'! LOL!!! Most of the time I'm harmless!

Laugh, Geranium, laugh, my friend!