Knee pain

Since the cold weather has come in I have been having a lot of pain in my knees. It has been so bad that I cannot walk around the house or stand more than a few minutes. I thought it was just a flare but no other points on my body really hurt. I am beginning to think it might be something more. I guess my question is when others experience pain do some body parts hurt considerably more than others?

yes my pain sometimes gets worse in my feet or my back it shifts

For me they do. Thank goodness I have kept all of the braces I've been given by MDs!!! My right knee felt as if it were gonna pop out of its socket all weekend long. That subsided only for my upper right neck & shoulder blade to be excruciating this morning. I look kind of goofy w/a bag of ice wrapped around my neck w/a stretchy bandage, but it seems to help. M

I do, but I have autoimmune arthritis, so there ya go. Maybe you’re starting to get some OA? It’s really common in knees. You could see your PCP about it. Not much to do aside from NSAIDs, but they’re pretty effective for early OA.

HI dozer, I sometimes get that. My knees were killing me this morning and at first I couldn't figure out why but then I realized this is the coldest morning by far we have had so that probably contributed. Luckily they felt better later in the day. But yes, I sometimes have a spot or two that hurts more than usual. I hope you feel better soon and as Grumpycat suggested, it is always a good idea to check with your doctor on things like this. Hugs!!

Thank you everyone for your responses. I will feel like a fool if it's only my fibro acting up. But the last time I had an MRI they found stuff. There is a commercial on the tv that offers knee braces to people who have medicare I might look into that if this goes on for too long

I am like you Dozer, my knees seem to be the focal point of pain for large periods of time. I get injections in them at the pain clinic which help but do not do a huge amount. They are also the worst of my large joints for hypermobility. They bend the wrong way to a scary level. What I have found can help is just a simple tubigrip. In my case that is to give it strength but the gentle squeeze of it helps to rid it of some of the pain that the fibro causes as well. It might be worth trying. A topical anti inflammatory might be of some use to you as well. Mike x

I will check that out, the tubigrip or the topical anti inflammatory. I did make it to the doctor. She said it was most likely my FM. She had me brainstorm about possible triggers. Then I remembered my Physical therapy exercises for my back (fibrofog memory). I had done leg presses. The whole point of the physical therapy was to begin work out without aggravating the fibro. So much for that idea. My doctor said no major injury so continue with the exercise because if it is arthritis that is the best treatment. She advised me to just ice it after the exercises and continue with the heating pad other times. Hmmm I will do other exercises but the leg presses are done.

I agree that pushing for some imaging might be beneficial. If it’s just fibro, them at least you have the comfort of knowing that is all that’s wrong. Don’t feel bad for wanting to explore things further. It would be terrible if something that could have been treated was missed simply because you were worried about feeling silly for being overly concerned. I don’t intend this harshly; this is me attempting to be supportive. :slight_smile:

Thank you GrumpyCat,

I waited another week and it did improve. It is nice to know that others have the same experience with knee pain. I feel reluctant to return to my physical therapist. I don't want to know how a new exercise will affect me. I think I recovered well enough to return to the gym to work out on the treadmill. My friend and I took our sons and their friends trick or treating and we were out for 3 hours. My knees were sore ( not extreme) in the end and for most of the next day but my son had a great time with his friends (some things are worth the pain). Their girlfriend exclaimed at the end of the night "That was the best night ever!"