Helpful Tips

I got this from someone who had arthritis & it’s so helpful! Get a soft fleece blanket and use it to sleep on, rather than, or in addition to, another one on top. It relaxes you & eases pain & it’s not too hot as you might think. In fact Bed Bath & Beyond was selling fitted sheet sets made of fleece last winter. But I’m good with my velvety soft blanket I got from Ross recently with my senitive fibro skin.

I have the fleece set that I use during the winter and I love it. Thank you for posting

Yes, I love the velvety soft blankets. I was not one of those babies that had to carry a blankey around, but now I don't go anywhere without my blankey and pillow. Its comfortable for warm and cold weather. In the winter I put it underneath my covers against my skin and in warm weather its all I use to cover. Best thing ever isn't it :)

I have a fleece pillow I often use as a back support in bed or in a chair. It does help some.

Thank you again Liz

I shared this with a friend and they tried it and said it made a difference for them. Isn't it wonderful how sharing the small things can help some one.

Glad I could help! I've been using it for years, and I got a new one the other day and thought: I should share this with my fellow fibrites...(did I just make up a word?) And it's not about heat...I live in Phoenix and have hot flashes, so if I could use it, anyone can, I figure!

Oh wow, awesome advice thank you! I will have to see if I can get myself together enough to make a trip to target today and pick up a fleece blanket. They usually have pretty good ones on sale, and they are SUPER soft. Having better quality of sleep at night would be wonderful. Thanks again!