Here we go again

OK ,so I am asking again for support and comparing notes. I am glad I have you guys to listen cause yeah other people tire of this quickly and don't want to hear and I try hard not to complain and to keep it to myself.

So here is the deal, I have had it with my body running the show and not cooperating! I spend a lot of time tired especially in the afternoon and have to run on fumes and will power because who else is going to do things? (And my job is now requiring more driving to places in the community and I hate to drive--I am in Atlanta and traffic is a nightmare!) I almost fell asleep at work again this morning after another night of waking up after about 3 hours and then dozing for maybe an hour? Or was I up since then, who knows? Anyhow my hand hit the mouse which slid and startled me. THEN I started having sinus issues part way through a Stress Management inservice I was doing for potential clients. How can I be falling asleep at work (happens a lot) and then up at night even though I am tired? AND my gut is giving me issues again despite nearly 3 months of Kefir and doing better for awhile. PLUS the stinkin anxiety which was also better. (AND mood swings, LOVELY!) I have been off the hormones for almost 3 months now, seems like I'd be in balance at this point but am waking up with night sweats and have hot flashes a lot in the day. I have worked a lot on healing for years now and am much better in many ways but sometimes it is so frustrating because it is unpredictable and I Have always HATED unpredictable! Maybe it is a Life Lesson.

I read that when you start a new healthy or healing routine and start to heal you will go through Healing Crises from time to time as you get to new layers and you will also revisit old emotional and physical illnesses again as your body gets rid of the old stuff that was/is toxic. Makes sense but is hard to go through. And then there is stress with my cat's health issues, job, money and my relationship (don't even know how to define it, he doesn't say and I don't ask)

OK, I am done complaining. Thanks for the ears.


Hi there, Susan. I know what you mean about the fatigue. It's so vast and overpowering and hits me like a wave. Usually in the afternoon, after I've finished work. And I'm not quite sure how fibro makes us tired as can be one moment (afternoons), then wide awake in another (early morning hours.) I honestly think that our cycadian rhythms have been reset so that those hours after midnight feel like the morning or early afternoon, while our afternoons feel like late evening. Go figure.

I am concerned about you driving when you're this fatigued. I know you must in your job, but it's chancey. Please try your best to be rested on those days. I'm speaking to myself as well, so please don't think that I'm scolding or lecturing you. Just worried for you and feeling the same for myself. However, like you, I've been running on fumes and will power over the past 6 months or so and I can feel that my body is done with doing it. I just don't have the capacity to do it anymore. Please be aware that it's possible that you might not be able to run on those fumes and willpower forever, and your added fatigue might impact your driving. I know it has impacted mine.

It sure sounds like your other symptoms are fibro related. It really can do a number on us, which makes me wonder what exactly it's doing in our body that it's able to sneak around and hit so many spots. Oh well, that's like asking why the sky is blue. It just is, and in fibro's case, it just can.

This truly is a good place to come and let out your stress. And I know that I can relate to your money/pet issues. And yes, stress will definitely impact you so try to go easy on yourself.



Hi Energy healing, wow !!! That’s so much stress you are dealing with !!! Try and make a list of your symptoms… Starting with the sleeping issue or lack of sleeping, I don’t know how you can function at all. You need to get more sleep than you are, especially if you are working and having to drive !
Make a list of dr. You need to see… Who can or will help with something for sleep, I know there are a lot of discussions you can look up on that topic… It’s late, so I will look tomm
Please talk to your employer, perhaps a short leave… To get things straightened out, I fear you may get worse if you don’t take care of your self !!! It’s all a vicious circle, the stress, anxiety, poor sleep…
Sometimes you just need to take a break and get off the roller coaster :slight_smile: I mean this in all the best, not to be negative, but it sounds like you need some help with some of this…

I wish you better sleep tonight …zzzz


Thanks Petunia. I am going to make sure I pace myself for the driving for work and have already told my boss that as the job changes, I can't do evenings or weekends. I was restless when I got home and wanted to go to a meetup group but they are too far away and I am tired. BUT I feel better now since I have sat down for a bit. It is crazy and the unpredictable bit is what I hate most! And the way it limits me even though I am doing better. I tend to overdo and not know I did until later.

Hugs back,


Thanks Dee! I am doing all I can about the sleep and I avoid doctors because in my experience they have been pretty worthless. That's why I do alternative things. I just raised my 5HTP up to where it was before I lowered it so hopefully it will help. Sometimes it does, sometimes not. I am just waiting to get back to balance and doing all the right things, it is just frustrating because it isn't fast enough for me although really overall I am MUCH better then last year at this time, Thank G-D!!!

HUGS back,


Ah yes, this is very familiar territory - overdoing it when feeling better and then paying for it later. Uh huh.

As for your job, good for you for setting some limits on your hours. Fibro really does affect us physically so we can't be out driving around when we're not feeling well or are too tired. (Says the person who's still stuck doing it for a few more months.)

I know, meetup groups sound so cool and I've been dying to go to some of them but forget it! Between the distance and then the physical limitations once I'm there, eh.

Anyhow, glad that your work situation has improved a bit. Well done!

Thanks again! I am feeling down because what I keep praying for and working for hasn't manifested and I wonder if it ever will. I think too much, LOL!


Hi Susan!

Good to hear from you girlfriend! Okay gotta say this, "you know that I'm not a Doctor", so as your friend I'll tell you that all of the liquid energy the power bars work because they are packed full of B vitamins. Here is a summary of what the B's will do for you, then a list of possibilities.

On to the gut, I take probiotics daily and digestive enzymes with every meal, extra to digest meat and cheese, or something spicy, to help me break down my food, these were recommended by my Chiropractor and work like a charm!

Always check with your Doctor or pharmacist before adding any supplements!

I hope this is of help to you, I know all of these REALLY do help me!

Wishing you well,


BTW, remember I'm always saying that fibro is the 'over doer's illness'! Take care of yourself, girl! :)

Thanks SK! Your support is always so welcome and makes me smile! Your good spirit just shines through your emails! I drink Kefir daily and it is one of the best probiotics. It has helped I can tell. I also take a multivitamin with B in it and an extra E and extra Biotin. I Used to take a B complex too but it wasn't necessary and since it is water soluble you are throwing away your money if your body doesn't use it. I am working through old emotional issues which I know is causing a lot of this. And I am taking better care of me then ever in my life. I am silly and overreact but I am very sensitive and always have been. At least now I am changing my thinking and behavior and that helps. I am also eating coconut oil which is an anti fungal.



Oh girl, I thought I was reading about myself! Been trying to do it all without sleep and no pain meds for over 2 years at work. Had a break down this summer that hasn’t got me back to the old me with Fibro but still energy to enjoy life and push through the pain.

I too am concerned about driving when your body wants to sleep. Your job seems really important and I’m sure you are good at it, but I’ve learned that my patience with no sleep barely exists. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to get fired from my job by saying something stupid and am listening to my doctors and my employer and going out on long term disability. Not how I wanted to go out, but I now am going to take care of myself.

I have had IBS for years and Pepcid was always on my shopping list. Since January, both my husband and I on the recommendation of our chiropractor started taking a probiotic daily and digestive enzymes with our big meals. Away went his diarrhea and my usual constipation ( unless the IBS flares) has been great. Trust me, it dies nothing for pain (oh how I wish), but it has made our digestive system better.

I agree with dee - keep a record if your days - even though its the last thing you want to do, and take it with you to your next doctor appt. and ask him or her if they think it is in everyone’s best interest that you continue working at that pace in the condition you’re in. As I was told when I first found this site, document document, document! Prayers for sleep and rest ~ Sandi :slight_smile:

Thanks Sandi,

I will be fine and have to work, no one to take care of me. It will get better, I just have some bad days and that's when I write.


Then I’ll keep saying prayers and thinking good thoughts for good days and nights of sleep. Let us know by keeping us updated. ~ hugs