Hey everyone, Seenie here! (where HAVE I been?)

@blueeyesIIII has joined us! She’s from the West Coast, and like the rest of us here … well you know the story!

To read her profile, just click on her t@g (@blueeyesIIII) wherever it appears. Or, you can click on her avatar. And you can say “hello” or “welcome” by replying to this post. Because she’s tagged, blueeyes will be sent a notification of everything that happens on this thread.

So did you miss me? Here’s what happened: last summer, I started feeling poorly, and I was guessing that the long-term medication for my Psoriatic Arthritis was failing. Then I got my third vaccination, it kicked me in the butt, and I went into a flare. With the help of some new meds, I’m starting to come out of the woods again. What a winter it has been. I’m glad to be feeling better, and to be able to do a bit more with Ben’s Friends communities.

So back to Blueeyesllll. Like many of us (@AussieMom! @ElaineVT49 ! @Freedom!) Blueeyes is an animal lover. And she makes handmade cards. I wish my hands were steady enough to do that. Oh well.

Anyway, it’s nice to be back, and I hope @blueeyesIIII will like this community as much as I do.

Seenie from ModSupport


Hi, Seenie!

So nice to hear from you! You are such an essential part of this community! Welcome back, and glad you are feeling better :slight_smile:

I stop in rarely now, as work has been kicking my butt, which is already constantly kicked by the Fibro and Arthritis. But, I’m holding my own and doing the best I can, just as we all do.

Must run now, but I’ll try to visit the site and catch up soon!

All my best,



Welcome Blueeyes! My name is actually Shari, and I’m across the country from you. I’m hit and miss with the site, but I think of everyone when I’m not here. I’m a mom, nana, and dog mom. I have a sweet little cavachon (half king charles cavalier / bichon). She is my lapdog and constant shadow. This group has the sweetest people, and I’m sure you’ll get some benefit.
Glad you’re feeling better, Seenie!

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Im trying to send a message to Renie, but having a hard time doing so. Please help. Thanks. BlueeyesIIII

Thanks for the welcome! Im trying to contact a Renie on this site???

Hello @blueeyesIIII

You can use the magnifying glass to search for users (change the drop down from “topics/posts” to select “users” and type in the name of the user that you’re looking for.

In the case of @Renie you could click on her highlighted name here in my sentence and a window should pop up. Once you’ve got that window, click on the blue “Message” button and away you go!

I have to note that we moved platforms in summer 2016, so the site used to look and work quite differently and I’d say not everyone from before that move found the new site easy enough to use. You’ll find older conversations and longer-standing users may have moved on in the meanwhile.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

ModSupport team

Whoopsie, maybe I should read everything new first before taking on the first posts. :crazy_face: Spose I’m so happily overwhelmed by the myriads of sudden traffic :vertical_traffic_light: bringing us to life like a desert when it rains. :desert: :cloud_with_rain: :hibiscus:
Hi everyone :bangbang:


Hi blueeyesIII welcome to our site.
I am glad you have joined us. I haven’t been up to talking much. I feel like I have nothing to say. Had a few health probs which knocked me down along with FM. I am lucky as not much pain. Seems to get better with age maybe??It’s more the depression. Then I got Covid after. Now depression has got worse. It should? improve in a week. Its such a good site to air your feelings. So keep in touch. :heart:

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Hellooooooo JSC! I have missed you! :star_struck:

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Definitely me too - life just isn’t the same… :wink: :star2:

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