Hi everyone. Just wondering if you have a sense humor with all that you go through?

This will be short. Right now both my hips are sore and as I am walking around and going to the kitchen, I noticed that I was walking like a penguin!! It made me chuckle. I develop, sometimes,. strange ways of getting around, but it sure works for me!! Love, Laurie

Hi, yes I got up this morning opened the refrigerator to get a juice and right there sitting on the top shelf was the Frozen Yogurt I had last night! A big smile spread a cross my face. This is the one time I was happy to blame it on Fibro Fog! I was happy my husband was not up yet. Lol. Leanne

Hi Leanne - I get fibro fog all the time. I would be in one room and would be thinking about something that I need to get in another room. By the time I go into the other room - I have totally forgotten what I needed. Sometimes. I take something out of the fridge, put it on the counter, and I forget all about it! If I have fibro fog at all, for some reason it hits me in the evening. Maybe it's because I am so tired by then. I also have the tendency to drop things constantly. I can't tell you how many glasses have slipped out of my hands. Lost count!! Laurie

Me too, I always drop stuff, most of the time I laugh at my self. Leanne

Hi Laurie, We can't help but to laugh at ourselves or make a joke about it after a while. I remember when I first started doing crazy things I cried, but real fast I learned I had to put my big girl panties on and just started laughing at myself. In one week we had to call Pop A Lock because I locked my keys in the car not once 3 times. We became friends with the man thank goodness. The thing I loose the most are my glasses, and they are usually on my face. Have a great night, Robin

Hi Robin - I have left my keys in the car with the engine on!! Thank God I have an extra set in my purse. I don't wear glasses that often - but when I need them I have the tendency to put them down somewhere and I have no idea where they are! I will do this with my keys, once I am home. I just lay them down on whatever is closest to me and then I am frantically searching for them when I need them. Never fails!! Laurie

I had to laugh at your description of walking like a penguin. When my hips are hurting badly I also feel like I'm walking strangely.

I don't if anyone remembers "Weebles" but they were oval shaped people figures that would rock but not go all the way over. When I'm having trouble walking I remember the old commercial for them - "Weebles woble but they don't fall down". Helps me find the humor in the situation.

HI Robin - You were mentioning that you had to 'put you big girl panties on?' I always say I need to take a 'big girl pill' and just move forward. I constantly lose my glasses too. I don't know why I just can't put them in the pouch I have for them. I always just put them down somewhere - then I wind up running all over the place looking for them!. Or should I say, Limping around all of the place! LOL Also. I have become 'world famous' for dropping things. I have a great thing that my son bought me. It's a steel stick that opens up and it has rubber prongs on the end of it and so I use this to pick thing up off the floor. Otherwise, it's very difficult with my hips and knee problems and I just can't bend over like I used to. Right now I am hurting really bad in both hips and knees. But that's the way things go, you know?? Thanks for responding, Robin!! Love Jill (your fellow Fibro patient!!) LOL

Hi Yucca - I know, we have to have a sense of humor to get us through hard times. I was telling my son, Jason, what all I needed to complete the 'penguin walk' is to buy a tuxedo and I would look exactly like them. Penguins DO look like there are wearing little tuxedos. I adore penguins though. Love, LaurieXOXO

HI Avenk- I am with you in misplacing things. I am normally a very orderly type of person, but I do lose some things now and it really aggravates me. Whenever I am going somewhere or invited out to places, I have started to put my keys close to my purse or hooked on the purse. I don't always succeed and there are some days when my fibro fog is at it's minimal and I can remember some things I am 63 - so maybe that has a little something to do with it - although I don't want to accept it! Have a good day Avenk! Loae, Laurie

HI rattled - I have had instances where I couldn't find my car too. I am always convinced someone has stolen my car! A couple of times i had to call security at the mall and they would come by with a little golf cart and give me a ride up and down the rows of cars that were parked. It's so embarrassing! Now I try to look at a landmark that is near my car and I can follow that when I need to. I am getting pretty good at it LOL You are not alone with this problem. Laurie

Hi Laurie, i so agree that you have to have a sense of humour with any illness, i think it helps get you through!!

nine times out of ten I will forget what I am doing right in the middle of doing it. If it is really important you better not interrupt me or I just might forget all together

I find that a sense of humor helps alot. They say that laughter heals and I have to believe that right now. I have various names like the "Fibro Fairy' and a few others that try to make light of what I am going through. It seems like when you loose your sense of humor you become this depressed person that very few people want to be around. I try to keep up a good front with my family and tell them you will never get any sympathy if you are a big "B" about what you are going through. We share a laugh with this phrase and it helps me get through the bad days.

My newest description is the worst hangover possible without the fun of drinking. Gets the husband to laugh. I'm not a drinker but when I do It's one and done.

Aloha when I walk I look like a robot!! Stiff, and takes me forever to get from one room to the other and I live in a small apt!! I’ve fallen a few times and always have to watch out for my kitty since she runs like a bandit!!

It’s so awesome that you all have a sense of humor about the fibro fog. I get scared at times because I can’t even remember how to cook a dish I’ve made for years. I also drop things constantly and I feel like those around me just wonder about me. Sometimes I feel dumb because I can’t comprehend what someone is saying. I hate getting this way. I feel useless sometimes. My daughter seems to understand better than anyone else so thank God for her. I just wish I could b at the stage of laughing at myself.

Hi idmom = I have always found that by having a sense of humor, it can really help us to get through. Although we DO have those moments of frustration and tears, we have to keep a fairly good attitude about it all. It does get me through a lot of bad times. The other thing that keeps me, going is this website. I feel so fortunate to have made such wonderful friends here and it really helps me with my feeling of isolation. Mentally, I have improved tremondously by being on this site. I am in a better mood and can handle all my pain pretty good, because I do have people supporting me and best of all , they listen to me and offer suggestions. Thanks so much for responding!! Love, Laurie

Wow the sense of humor definitely help. The fog sometimes catch med off guard because I was always the one with great memory recall.

Humor is the way I get through the pain and all as well. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and my fibro is probably from that. The pain is awful and I definitely use humor to deal with it. I'm scared because one of my doctors said I'm at risk of retinal detachment and that I could actually dislocate my eyeballs! I had never heard of such a thing but my husband made jokes about it and that helped.

I've been laughing at all of the penguin reference jokes because I just posted this "walk like a penguin" method to keep from having a lot of falls on my facebook. I had found the graphic in my news feed. I posted that because I had posted a funny status about penguins a couple days before. For some reason I cant find it though so i cant share it right now.

Also, I wanted to add that something happened to be that I'm glad was before my fibro and EDS got so bad. My van was accidentally towed by mistake once. I kid you not. The tow truck was there for another car that was the exact same make and model and he grabbed the wrong one. He brought it back but I was upset by then lol. Hope you all have a good day.


Susan W