Fibro fog or senior moments?

What is the funniest thing you have done under the influence of fibromyalgia? Yesterday I put washing up liquid on my food instead of ketchup. I only noticed when I got a mouthful of soapy fish. So gross... hahaha...

Lol I have to say the funniest thing I have done is picking up a tube of clearasil thinking it was toothpaste and squirting it into my mouth. Also once used the dogs shampoo instead of mine lol had to move that to a different location.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sooooooooo gross!!! It must have taken a loooooooooooong time to get that soapy taste out of your mouth.

But I can totally relate! For a while there I was trying to squirt liquid soap on my tooth brush instead of toothpaste. In fact, I did succeed but caught myself before brushing...bleh!!!!

I oftentimes end up with my clothes on inside out. My sister will tell me about it at the end of the day. I guess I'm seen as being a bit eccentric these days...

Just last week I threw the keyson the passenger side of the car then proceeded to lock myself out. This is something I do at least once every six months or so. God bless AAA!

Uggggggggggggggggggggh! No acne on your teeth and gums for weeks!

Well, at least you had "Fluffy" hair instead of "ruff" when you used the doggie shampoo!

Hahahaha, you have to laugh. It makes a nice change from tears of pain. I thought they may be some people on here with the same "problem". My family and friends find it so funny sometimes when I have my "moments"

Oh my god, don't mention keys. Hahaha! I have the top cover for my car now because I am so much of a regular. That is really frustrating isn't it. And expensive. It's much better in a way to eat soap; at least you can rinse that out pretty quickly. I have also walked out the door in my pyjamas and slippers a few times. How embarassing is that?! Yeah, and how long do people take before they tell you?! hahaha. I will get them back...

Oh my lol I have found myself wearing my clothes inside out quite often lately, and no one tells me a thing. I went all day running errands once with my shirt not only inside out but backwards lol. How I managed that I don't know :)

Today, I poured my cold coffee in the bin, and emptied my ashtray in sink! Gross! Should give up smoking but I will never get away from my "moments". Hahaha!

On bad mornings I sometimes get paranoid that I will walk out the door and forget something MAJOR. I actually do a checklist in my head...Bra check, shirt check, socks check and so forth then I get to brush teeth check... Make-Up...Arghh forgot makeup go back and finish.:)

Hahahaha, i'm so glad I've not done that. I would scare a lot of people! Mind u going to the car in pyjamas and slippers was prob a bit worrying lol

These things are so funny! I went to strain turkey gravy, poured it through strainer but forgot to put the bowl under it, poured it right down the drain. Then I took an item back to walmart, drove there and realized I forgot to bring the item that I wanted to return. One day I filled my car with gas and drove away with the gas pump still stuck in my gas tank. The car behind me had people in it and they were all rolling around laughing at me. I also brushed my teeth by accident with my acne cream. I drove to the wrong doctor's office one day. I could go on and on. I'm glad I'm not alone.

Hahahahahaha!! That is so funny!! We could be here for a life time!! Laughter is so much better for the pain than any prescription. Sometimes I try getting in the worng car and occasionally the wrong house! Thankfully they have always been locked... Oh god, the worst one is walking away from the cash point (or ATM) without collecting the money. I'm always doing that...

I love reading these. Too funny!! I've gone to the wrong car and house too, and mail box. I was checking out at the grocery store and told the cashier that the machine must be broken, she looked over and said "that's a library card you're trying to swipe through the machine, sweetie." My undies and tops are always on inside out. I drove around shopping for hours one day until a lady came up to me in a parking lot and said "do you know you have garden tools laying on your trunk lid?" Ok, that's not too bad, everybody does that, right?

lmao!!!!!!!! Oh yeah...

When I left a gallon of ice cream in the car after a quick run to the store because my kids were coming by. I didn't notice until a couple of hours after dinner when someone went for ice cream. I lucked out. It was just right for shakes. But of course they won't let me live it down.

Awwww they never do... It's nice being "unique" though. Life is never boring. Until you accidentally take you night pills in the morning lol.

I stuck my cell phone in the fridge along with my lunch. Oops! Found it a short while later, thankfully. Imagine hearing it ringing from the fridge and not knowing where it was coming from?

I'm so glad that I NEVER pull these tricks!!! LOL!!!

OH my goodness that reminds me of something I did before I knew what fibro fog was lol. My poor baby, she had a cold and before school she asked me for some cough syrup. I gave her some but didn't realize until after she had left for school that I had by accident given her the night time one. I quickly called the school to tell them what I had done and to ask them to let her lay down if had to. The school nurse laughed so hard and called the teacher who told her to late my daughter was already out at her desk. I learned quickly to separate the cold meds so I would know for sure which one I was grabbing. My daughter still hasn't let me live that one down lol.

You were lucky that nurse had a sense of humor!