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I am just wondering if any of you experience an upset stomach daily. I've had Fibro since 2000...but I was finally diagnosed in 2005...I usually get a new ailment yearly...this past year it is a upset stomach daily...I can't stand it...I take gravol for it...it doesn't help..my Dr says its probably stress but I am not stressed out at the moment...damn I just wish new symptoms would quit popping up...it gives me internal anger..anyways if anyone gets this symptom as well...can you please tell me what you do for it. Thanks Jesse oxox

Good Morning Jesse,

Ugh the stomach, YES. Two years ago my stomach pain cam to a head and I discovered I had an ulcer. Since they say stress doesn't cause ulcers (which I don't agree with, because I'm not a doctor at all, & watched a lot of House last year) I assume it was from Effexor that I had taken for a few years previously that messed my digestive system up daily. I live on pepto tablets which gives me this super cool black giraffe tongue that my 7 year old likes to point out when we're in public. The best thing I've done for it is to cut caffeine & fried foods out of my diet. When I fall off the wagon, I can count on the pain coming back for a week or so.

I detox myself every once in awhile when the pain gets really bad.... white rice and water for a few days. That has helped me. I wish you the best of luck and RELIEF!

Hi Jesse;

Mom and I have fibro and permanent nausea. It's not stress. There are trigger points inside our body as well as on the outside. One is on the flap/valve between the esophagus and stomach...the pyloris. I have an awesome book that people who have it call "The Fibro Bible". It has everypossible symptom listed, as well as photos. It has chapters about how to deal with every area of your life with fibro. It was written by a Dr. who also has fibro. It's called "Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome" by Devin Starlanyl. You can buy used copies at amazon.com or other bookstores online, because it's so much like a textbook (but in everyday language) that it's a bit pricy.

Medicines rarely work for our nausea. Occasionally a nausea injection is needed. Mom and I drink a lot of ensure nutrition drink, and a lot of mild foods. We drink cases of coconut water too, it has tons of nutrients and keeps you hydrated longer. That helps when you are too nauseated to even think of food.

Sheila, just wondering, and this may sound lie a stupid question, but does cocunut water taste like, say, the cocunut used in baking? And can you get it at places like Publix? And is it expensive? Ok, three questions. Thanks for your help! MB

MPB-P You need to call your grocery store to see if they have it or if they would order it in and how much they would charge. I bought my first cans at an Asian market or international foods aisle of the grocery store. Then you'll know if you like it or not. Different brands might have a slightly different taste, so if you don't like 1, you can try a different brand. They are just pure coconut water, nothing else in it. Here, I buy the cans that are twice as big as a pop can, for $1.17, which here in Canada, that's cheaper than 1 soda (which I don't drink.) Yes it tastes like shredded coconut and has tiny coconut bits in it to infuse the water with more taste. It's being used by some professional sports teams because it's even better and cheaper than sports drinks.

Thanks Sheila! I am going to look next time I am at the grocery store. It’s worth a try.

Wow I disagree with that article when it says the health benefits are unfounded. I have read scientific medical papers that say they have even given coconut water to malnourished babies and it has helped them. It has been used as IV fluid in developing countries. (Glad the article that angelonearth mentioned DID say that much.) So how could it not have health benefits if it can be used as an IV fluid? I have seen Dr. Oz do a whole section of the show on coconut water. Here's a better idea of how good it is for you.


Wow, just goes to show you that you can find anything you want on the Internet so it pays to research some. Also, we have to go by our experience with stuff like this. Some people may say it made no difference whereas others may say it was the best thing to happen to them since sliced bread! LOL (you know I am old now) I don’t see how something natural like that with all those minerals, potassium and other good stuff can be anything but good for you.


Could you possibly have a stomach ulcer? When i had one, my stomach hurt regularly. I'd also get acid reflux and bouts of cramping and diarrhea. You don't mention the other problems but i thought I'd through it out there as a possibility.

I was given omeprazole to sort it out, which worked remarkably well. Prior to that, I was getting to the point where I just couldn't eat. In my case, I was taking too many Ibuprofin, which messed with my stomach.

I'm sorry your stomach is doing that to you. If it's not one thing, it's another with fibro!

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Not stupid questions; i wondered these things as well.

I have Zofran for nausea and vomiting. I take Aclfex daily for my stomach problems. Both are by prescription. Mine started with fibro.

Dr. Oz also told which coconut water was a scam. So watch what you buy.

An inexpensive thing that you can get from the health food store is Aloe Vera juice, it helps my stomach upset, occasional acid reflux…just like everything with fibro keep trying things till you find what helps you, I know stress can cause stomach upset, even if you don’t feel stressed I think the more we wonder and worry about yet another symptom it can be making it worse, I don’t know if that makes sense ?
Hugs & blessings

I have had this problem too, it gets bad when I have a flare. I take Metroclopramide, it helps. I usually get so bad I vomit, sometimes until I'm dehydrated. During the last flare I lost 20 lbs. not a fun way to do it. Anyway the docs can't explain it, I've even had my gallbladder out. But that didn't fix it. Feel better soon :)