Any others?

Just wondering does any one else gave issues with their stomach and their chest hurting? My stomach has been hurting especially when I get upset or really stressed. Does that go along with the Fibro? With my chest in the left side has been getting a stabbing like pain as well. Any others?

Thanks:) so your stomach can hurt from the Fibro? And it can digestion issues and heart burn?

Thanks again:)

hi janelle. I do agree with avenk. many of us do have IBS and GI problems but it is important that you are seen by your doc to get to the cause of your pains. We can not always attribute every pain to fibromyalgia so that we do not neglect seeing the doc and checking things out. Err on the side of caution . i send you love and good thoughts and prayers for your well being.



Hello get it checked out I was having it and found out I have an enlarged heart, God bless you.


Quite possible, remember your pain will create anxiety and consequently your stomach will suffer it.

It happens to me all the time that even breathing hurts.

The chest pain can be a muscle strained and reflecting like that I have this issue now in my upper back around the neck and I feel it in the chest as well! I do suggest to listen to your body, aches and pains and tight muscles in one thing but if you have acute chest pain could be something else.

Feel better!

Thank you so much:) my stomach seems to hurt worse when I get stressed or really irritated in a heated moment as well.