Hip bursitis and low grade fevers

Has anyone ever had bursitis of their hips? I’ve been dealing with horrible pain, especially at night, in both hips and my IT band. What has helped you get rid of it? I’m taking anti inflammatories and using ice. Also, since early March, I’ve been having low grade fevers on a daily basis. All my bloodwork is good. My chest x ray and CT scan of my sinuses are normal. I was having trouble with my ears as well and was put on antibiotics. That helped but now they are bothering me again. Lastly, my fatigue level has been off the charts. I’m tired of going to doctors especially when they can’t find anything wrong. I don’t want to feel like this. But when the tests normal there’s really nothing else that can be done. Has anyone experienced any of these symptoms before? What helped you?


When my hip bursitis got bad, I got a cortisone shot into it. Physical therapy was also an option, but as it turned out, the shot cleared things up for a very long time so far (over two years). In the grand scheme of things I personally would rather have a cortisone shot than take anti inflammatories on a daily basis.

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Thank you Sharon. You can actually feel heat radiating off the skin on my hips. I’m glad the cortisone shot was successful for you! :clap:

Hiya! :open_hands:
Have you “consulted” youtube?
For bursitis, e.g.: Bob and Brad, or https://youtu.be/9y5YSB9zoMg.
For fever, e.g. Eric Berg?: https://youtu.be/mhDj0uORiQ4

Fatigue: You know that’s my main problem. But I do think my 15 supps for it do help me without harming, whilst Chinese acupuncture & T4 did help, but also harmed, and now getting up earlier and getting early morning daylight is definitely making a difference…

I haven’t had bursitis, but jaw inflammation a lot. I personally wouldn’t take meds or cortisone, again loads of anti-inflammatory supps seem to help me, altho I don’t tolerate the anti-inflammatory spices like ginger and turmeric.

Hello-a! I have not gone on YouTube. But that’s a great idea. I thought it was improving until this morning. I rolled over onto my right side and almost screamed in pain!!! :scream: Thankfully, my left hip and IT band are feeling much better. I’m also going to look into natural anti inflammatories. :hammer: :clamp: :pushpin: :carpentry_saw: Just kidding! :joy: :sweat_smile:

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So sorry for bursitis in both hips at the same time, know it sucks. Cortisone shots are wonderful and can help. Actual had my left one removed during a FAI surgery, unfortunately they grow back.

As much as it’s going to hurt, stretching will help and some you can do in bed. Best one for me is; both feet flat with knees bent, place one ankle on top of opposite leg with knee pointing to the side. This will stretch the hip but if you put some light pressure, on the crossed leg, like you’re trying to press it toward the ground will stretch it more. One those become easier & loosen up the area the “pigeon or half pigeon” in yoga will get a deeper stretch.

Hopefully your doc will give you the cortisone shot to help take down the inflammation. Actually got one in my left bursa today.

Prayers for speedy recovery!


Speedy recovery. Hope things get easier.