Hope body behaves itself!

Good morning to eveyonex my son had surgery all went well will be a long process , he had a complete knee reconstruction , and hes doing well , since hes had it done im sore but expected this , as I was worrying about him , I hope it behaves tomorrow as im having the cystoscopy , back again to the same hospital , and its soo cold , my sister will be with my son so ive got that covered , then thursday I have an xray , on kidneys , its amazing how you keep going and keeping positive when you really have to , what with my sons long physio coming up and husbands appts for his blood , and blood pressure , when we are tested were we get our strength from . All my love and hugs x warm hugs xx angie x

Hi Angie, I sure know what you are saying is right. We do find the Energy and Strength to do what is needed especially when it comes to our family. I hope you and your family will be fine, I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Take it slow and have a good day, Hugs, Robin

I know angie, it's a mad rush for you right now, it will calm down soon, an you will feel better! What a relief that things went well for your son, I know that was such a worry! Hopefully you will get some answers after tomorrow's ordeal, and your husband will get straightened out, you're just getting everything out of the way right now! Rest when you can , as much as you can! We will send you good thoughts!

I know it's cold, it's snowing to beat the band here, suppose to snow all day, all night, already have 5-6 inches! I am supposed to go out of state to Rheum Wednesday! UGH!! Does NOT look promising!